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Thread: electronics-types, need your help!

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    electronics-types, need your help!

    Had a flash of insight for wiring my agile, now that it's got passive pickups in it. Here's the conversation I had explaining it to my girlfriend, but figured you guys would probably know whether or not I'm right.

    (9:16:40 PM) Xenoanthropus: nothing, really. drawing up a wiring diagram
    (9:16:50 PM) Xenoanthropus: I'm thinking about putting a push-pull in the agile
    (9:16:59 PM) Xenoanthropus: the pot would be a regular tone control
    (9:17:12 PM) Xenoanthropus: but the push/pull would be a Stereo/Mono switch
    (9:17:36 PM) Xenoanthropus: but, if there's not a stereo cable in the jack, it would function as a killswitch, too
    (9:17:51 PM) Xenoanthropus: which is a cool concept, but I'm not sure if it's gonna work the way i want it to.
    (9:19:44 PM) blackoto: How so?
    (9:19:55 PM) Xenoanthropus: well, the jack in there is a TRS
    (9:19:59 PM) Xenoanthropus: or Tip-Ring-Sleeve
    (9:20:01 PM) Xenoanthropus: a stereo jack
    (9:20:14 PM) Xenoanthropus: on a mono, it's tip-sleeve
    (9:20:31 PM) Xenoanthropus: what I'd do is route the primary output to the push-pull
    (9:20:55 PM) Xenoanthropus: and then, in the down position, it would just route straight through to the output
    (9:21:05 PM) Xenoanthropus: the tip, as it were
    (9:21:16 PM) Xenoanthropus: but in the up position, it would route to the Tip and Ring.
    (9:21:29 PM) Xenoanthropus: the only issue there is with a mono cable, there's no ring, only a sleeve
    (9:21:35 PM) Xenoanthropus: so the output would be going to ground
    (9:21:42 PM) Xenoanthropus: which is essentially how a killswitch works
    (9:21:44 PM) Xenoanthropus: BUT
    (9:21:53 PM) Xenoanthropus: there would still be signal going to the tip
    (9:22:32 PM) Xenoanthropus: Electrical engineering knowledge would dictate that the current follows the path of least resistance, to ground, but I'm not sure if it would work that way in practice
    (9:22:41 PM) Xenoanthropus: ...I'm gonna post this on MG.org.

    Is my analysis correct? would that work as a killswitch with a mono cable, and as a mono/stereo switch with a Stereo cable?
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    Stereo what exactly? If you're routing the same signal to both the tip and ring, it's mono. Are you doing bridge->tip, neck->ring?

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    the idea would be to run the same signal to Tip and ring, yes, but then I could split the other end into 2 amps.

    Yes, i realize I can do this as well with a mono cable, but what it boils down to is that I still have the stereo jack in the guitar from when it had EMGs, and I have a 500k Push-pull lying around that I want to use in something. I might run it bridge/neck stereo on the split, as well, but that's a different wiring job entirely, on the other side of the pot :agreeD:

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    I'd say just wire the guitar mono and split it at the amp end if that's what you want to do. Then just wire up the push-pull as a kill switch.

    Splitting a mono signal at the guitar and running a stereo cable seems needlessly complicated. Keep it simple.

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    What Darren said, though personally I prefer toggle switches to push/pulls for killswitches.

    The other advantage of keeping the guitar mono is it's easier to use a wireless with it if you play out, or just don't fancy tripping over cables. Depending on the wireless system that could even act as your signal splitter too. Mine has a 1/4" jack and an XLR for the outputs, both working simultaneously. I used to run the 1/4" into the amp and the XLR (with an XLR to 1/4" adaptor) to my tuner to keep that out of the singal path as it gave me a lot of noise. There's no reason you couldn't run each output to a different amp.
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