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Thread: Cleaning pick marks off an acoustic

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    Cleaning pick marks off an acoustic

    I just picked up a blue acoustic Art and Lutherie for my sister for her birthday in a few days. Here's the model ART & LUTHERIE DREADNOUGHT BLUE - Thomann Irish Cyberstore I picked it up 2nd hand and it turns out it's in a little worse condition than I'd hoped. There are some pick marks on the body, they aren't terrible but it's not ideal. I'm thinking there might be a way to clean it up a little before giving it to her. Any ideas what kind of stuff I could use that might clean it up a bit? I know I won't get it perfect but if I can improve the look that would be great. The specs say it's finished in a nitro satin and the finish seems pretty thin.

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    Depends on how deep they are. This type of product is your best bet:

    Buy Fender Instrument Care Kit by Meguiar s | Care Kits | Musician's Friend

    The "Swirl and Haze Remover" is safe for your finish and will buff out minor finish defects... but if you're working with deep marks, you either a) won't be successful or b) will have to use lots of elbow grease too.

    Good luck.
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    you could try t-cut. test it first on an area that isn't easily visible. it is powerful stuff

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    if nothing else you could tape all the blue very carfully and spray paint the pickguard. itll 97.5% remove them. plus she could pick an awesome color and itll be more unique

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    Cheers for the help guys. I ended up just giving her the guitar as is, I only had a few days and the finish seemed really thin on it so I didn't want to risk doing any more damage to it. She seemed happy with it, though that's pretty much because it was blue more than anything else!

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