So, I have an LTD M-207, which had no pickups when I got it. I've been using a pair of stock RG7620 New 7s that I'd had lying around, but they're really microphonic and I want to put at least a new bridge pickup in the guitar. I pulled it off the stand tonight and took a look at it and came up with some additional tweaks...

My custom-designed 7-string has a non-recessed OFR. My USA BC Rich Gunslinger has a semi-recessed Lo-Pro Edge (long story). My Agile PS-900 has a TOM. These, along with a few other guitars I've owned have led me to prefer a bridge raised a bit higher off the body, and the neck angled back. My Charvel CX-390 and this LTD both have recessed licensed Floyds, and I've wished for a while that I could raise the bridge on the Charvel, but I'm concerned that the posts wouldn't be able to handle the strain if they were extended that far out of the inserts. I realized tonight, however, that the LTD has the post inserts connected via a metal bar, and an idea popped into my head: use some wood to shim the bar so it's flush with the top of the body, allowing me to raise the bridge to a non-recessed height without having the posts hanging way out of the inserts.

I also came across a set of 7 black OFR saddles I thought I'd sold (originally from the bridge on my custom guitar, where I replaced them with chrome), so I'm gonna put those on the LTD's LFR.

Pics to come eventually!