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Thread: DIY Cab?

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    DIY Cab?

    I'm going to be needing a cabinet soon guys, and hell; why not build one?
    This could be great!

    ..but more seriously, what goes into them?
    Where the hell do I find the jacks for em? are they special jacks or something or is it just a plain ole' mono jack? Tolex, rubber feet, grill cloth..and assembly is a baffle? Is bracing cut at 45 degree miters or can I just stick some wood together to fit?
    edit: piping too, what is that?

    School me on speaker cabinets guys

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    i'd learn on a 1x12 first.

    there's a reason why many 4x12s suck. and i know none of those reasons

    point is - there's a lot to them!!!

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    I built a 2x12 and matched mesa's specs. Came out well but I would agree with making a 1x12 first to get to know yourself while building. Then go bigger.

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    Here's a guy from ultimate-metal that builds amps. His user-name is Wolfeman.

    Wolfe Amplification

    Say's in his sig that he sells all the parts too. It'd be worth shooting him an email I think.

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    Dude finish your guitar first!

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    there are a lot of places where you can get all of the above.

    The baffle is the front section which the speakers mount in.

    I however wouldn't bother building my own cab unless i was 100% confident i could do it to an equal or better standard than something that is on the market currently.

    i once looked into it and i could get a 1960a cheaper on ebay so i didnt bother with either and got a peavey 2x12 from a friend even cheaper

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    If you have any furniture or cabinetry skills, download the (free) plans for the EV TL806 1x12. That way you don't have to worry about the design; it's an enclosure designed specifically for the EVM-12L speaker and sounds great while being quite easy to build
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    ooh where can you get these plans?

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