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Thread: Some ideas to toss around

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    Some ideas to toss around

    I've been trying to spec out a custom that I'd like to build at some point with the help of my dad and a different local guy(). I just had a few questions/ideas that I wanted to throw out into the open and see what advice anyone had.


    I'm thinking of a solid claro walnut body, or a black limba body and a claro walnut top. I seriously love the figure of the wood, but a limba back/walnut top is about $75 cheaper. What are the tonal properties of the two combined? I'm looking at the RGA style body for the final shape, and the forearm contour plays no noticeable part in my playing technique.


    I'm really leaning towards the Schaller-Hannes because it looks super comfy/I like the design more than the Hipshot bridge and the Gibraltar Plus. It seems pretty easy to install and use. Are their any issues with it that anyone knows here from personal experience?


    So this is the tricky part. I've been used to the 25.5" scale for going on 7 years. A few friends have guitars that are 24.75" and I'm finding that, daresay, I prefer it. The bending control is much better and they sound sweeter. I can't think of any workhorse that are that scale length that are affordable. Maybe an Agile Al-3100 with a slim neck.
    Obviously I can't pass judgment from a 7 year standpoint vs. a few hours at a friends house/ half an hour at a music store, but I also want to follow my gut, and my gut says that 24.75" is much better.


    So, my starting practice guitar had 22 and now the RGA has 24. I never use all of them, but at the same time it's daunting to get rid of them, in case I do end up needing/wanting them. There's supposed to be some sort of harmonic when you only have 22 frets and the neck pickup is placed just right :corksniffer: Is there validity in that statement?
    I'm also leaning toward stainless steel fretwire, but I'm not sure what size. I'd like to try different thicknesses, but my budget is limited, so what are my options? Does EVO fretwire feel like SS(which is supposed to be like butter)?

    In essence, TL;DR, but if you've made it through the rambling and cork sniffing, what is your advice? Should I put this little pipe dream on the back burner until I have more experience, or should I dive right in?

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    I've never liked the look of walnut as a body wood, but a black limba body with a walnut top would be gorgeous. I'm pretty sure both are pretty well rounded woods tonally, so you could go in a lot of different directions as far as the neck, fretboard and pickups are concerned.

    I've never seen a bad thing about a Hannes. I want to try one so badly, get one.

    The 24th fret is the place of a harmonic. So when you have 22 frets, the neck pickup is where that harmonic node would be. I guess this changes the strings vibration. No idea what the hell is does to the tone. I'll let a more experienced person get into that.

    If you have the money you should definitely do it. I know I would if I had the spare cash.

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    I don't understand the 22 frets = moar tone all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthtastic View Post
    I don't understand the 22 frets = moar tone all.
    From what I'm reading, it's all about where the neck pickup is positioned along the scale length. On a 22 it's closer to the middle, and gives a warmer, rounder tone. When it's closer to the bridge, it has a more cutting tone. I can't say I notice much of a difference, but it's what I'm reading. It kind of makes sense too. Since most heavier music styles use 24s and more rock, blues, and pop oriented styles use 22's even though no one ever really uses the 23rd or 24th frets.

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    The whole pickup position and harmonic thing isn't something I subscribe to, simply because as soon as you fret a note you've got a whole new set of harmonic node points. I believe pickup position relative to the bridge is what matters.

    The Hannes is a nice unit. I've only tried one guitar fitted with a Hannes so far so take my observations with a grain of salt. The guitar was an ash Warmoth body and maple/rosewood neck. My first impression sonically was that it was acoustically louder than expected, but then I noticed it seemed to have a slightly muted attack to it, it seemed a little compressed sounding. As I said, I've only tried one so far so I can't say for certain that effect came from the bridge.

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    I agree with Dan on the whole "harmonic node" thing. It's pseudo-scientific guitarbabble.

    A harmonic node is a pivot point for a particular wavelength or harmonic. If you place a pickup directly underneath that node, you will not hear that particular overtone on open strings. I learned this when i tried playing 5th fret natural harmonics on the neck pickup of my Agile T-7 Texan. Instead of that lovely bell-like tone, all i got was a "thunk". I thought, "Oh, shit... this guitar has dead spots," then i realized that i could hear the harmonic just fine acoustically, but the pickup was obviously directly under the 24th fret (same overtone as the 5th fret natural harmonic) and thus it wasn't picking it up. The bridge pickup also heard the note just fine.

    And as Dan said, as soon as you fret a note, the harmonics all move anyway, so it's largely BS. Pickup position DOES have a subtle but real effect on tone, but the "harmonic node" thing is just silly.

    I think the rest of your specs sound pretty great. Limba with Claro walnut?

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    The harmonic node thing is a heap of shit, but pickup placement does affect the tone. If you pick nearer to the bridge, you get a thinner, harsher tone, and if you pick further away from the bridge, you get a warmer tone. The same principle applies to pickups.

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    Well cool! I had just heard that floating around the guitar community so I wanted to know about it. I picked limba and claro walnut because limba blanks are only $50 give or take from GIlmer, or Oregon Wildwood. A claro top is $180 for .5" thick top. It seems pretty reasonable that solid claro walnut is $300+ for anything close to 2". Anything regarding scale lengths as far as string tension and ease of play? I have normal sized hands, but I feel like my pinky is sort of a baby finger at only 2.5"

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