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Thread: Locking Tuners for 7421

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    Locking Tuners for 7421

    Hey gentlemen, I recently scored $200 gift card from a relative for a music store, now this isn't really enough money to buy a new guitar (worth buying ha) so I figure i'll use it for mods! I'd like to replace the tuners on my 7421 with some sort of locking tuners. The stock tuners are Gotoh standard die cast. What I'm wondering is does anyone know if there's a locking tuner that will fit right in the stock hole without having to drill it bigger? And if so, where could I find them?

    If I recall correctly the Planet Waves Auto Trim Tuning Machines are a direct swap so no drilling should be needed. Is that correct? If so are they any good?

    More generally, does anyone know the dimensions of the stock RG7421 tuner holes so I could check the specs on various locking tuner models?

    Anybody done this before? Experiences?


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    Gotoh locking tuners are well made and direct swap. Have no idea of a music store that ships to Canada so I can't help you there. Also can't speak for Planet Waves tuners, never used them.

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    IIRC, Schaller makes direct replacement 6 string sets. Not sure on 7's though.

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