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Thread: DIY: Making a bone nut

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    DIY: Making a bone nut

    A while back, I cut a string slot too deep, ruining the nut, and didn't have another nut black. In the midst of tearing the house apart in seach of a nut blank, I found a cow bone that the dog had been chewing. I thought, "Bone is bone.", right? Well, it actually worked! So, last night I needed a nut for my latest build, and thought I'd make a little picstory. Warning: cutting/sanding bone smells really bad (and may not be good for you) so wear the appropriate respiration filters/masks.

    First, find a piece of bone...

    ...cut it into a piece that has relatively consistant thickness...

    ...flatten one edge (top side)...

    ...flatten and square an adjacent edge (right side)...

    ...cut off excess...

    ...flatten the last two sides. I use a scrap block of wood to hold the bone against the belt sander

    Wallah! Nut blank(s)!

    Mark the fingerboard radius onto the blank. Since I use a zero fret, this mark will determine the maximum string slot depth. For a conventional nut, the string slot depth would, obviously, need to be higher.

    The paper template is taped to the vice using double-sided tape, the blank centered and clamped into place.

    Gather yee ole' string slotting tools...


    ...then sand to final shape and smoothness.

    Now explain to the poice where you got that piece of bone....

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    You did not seriously make a nut out of your dog's bone.

    That is hilarious.

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    That's awesome, but I bet your dog is now pissed at you. If you find a turd in your boot, don't be surprised.

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    Desperate times call for desperate measures!

    No worries though. She looks and sounds like a badass, but is actually just a big softie. Although, if any of her people were in trouble, she would definately step up. The neighborhood kids call her 'the wolf' because of her howl. I need to get a video of that someday. It's pretty cool.

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    Dude, that is an awesome picstory.

    That's also a fine looking dog you have there. Just out of curiosity, did she actually see you handling & cutting her bone? I often wonder what goes through my dog's mind at times, but I can only imagine what your dog would've been thinking, watching you cut up her bone...

    (watches as food-giver takes bone and proceeds to destroy it with loud machines...)

    "DUDE?!! What the fuck?! I wasn't done with that yet. You fur-less bastard. Dammit. I knew I should've buried that damn thing."

    [action=Sentient]likes to imagine dogs cursing.[/action]

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    Yeah, bone definitely stinks like nothing else.

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    I hope your dog isn't pissed. Nice job! That looks awesome.

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    oh shit, dude, that's brilliant and i need some advice - i'm wanting to use goat bone for side inlays on my next roter. how tricky would it be to cut them down? i've had loads of places willing to supply the bone but none willing to cut into small poles.

    any thoughts?

    H - 'asylum' (out now)

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