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Thread: Simple Toggle Switch Question

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    Simple Toggle Switch Question

    Is the 3-way toggle switch on my RGD 2127Z a mini-toggle switch?

    Think that this is what I need, but wtf do they mean by On/Off?

    STEWMAC.COM : Mini Toggle Switches

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    Looks like one of those 4 pole switches that the JPMs used, Dimarzio part # EP1111, IIRC.

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    On/Off means it has two positions in the circuit--open and closed.

    But since that switch has a middle position, it doesn't look like an I/O switch... I know of no SPST or SPDT On/Off switch that has a middle position. Then again, I just have Circuits 281 experience at my university... Nothing major at all.
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    In switches,
    On = the circuit will close. For example, from the pickup -> switch -> output. The current will travel. Unless, of course, the other pole is wired to ground.
    Off = the circuit remains open. Which, in effect, terminates the circuit and no current travels. For example, if you want to mute it.

    On/Off/On = middle position is OFF, so in the middle position the circuit is dead.
    On/On/On = middle position will allow the current to pass and close the circuit.

    How the switches work per switch position, in regard to wiring, is pretty much up to the manufacturer of the switch. The Double Pole (DP) anyway means that there are three terminals in and three terminals out, as opposed to Single Pole (SP) where there are three terminals in OR out and one common terminal in OR out. The single/double throw then has some changes, but generally, they work in the following manner:
    Middle terminals: To ground
    Upper terminals: Neck pickup + controls
    Lower terminals: Bridge pickup + controls
    Pos 1: Has middle terminal + lower terminals connected -> bridge pickup works.
    Pos 2: Has all terminals connected -> Both pickups work
    Pos 3: Has middle terminal + upper terminals connected -> neck pickup works.

    The single pole works if you have only one circuit (master volume and tone, one output, one input blabla), but if you have two circuits (volume and/or tone for both neck and bridge), you'll need a DPDT switch.
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