Active pickups and "closing the circuit"?

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Thread: Active pickups and "closing the circuit"?

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    Active pickups and "closing the circuit"?

    I know that by plugging an instrument cable into a guitar with active pickups I am closing the circuit and draining the batteries, which is why it is recommended that cables be disconnected when the guitar is not in use. My question is, does the instrument cable have to be plugged into something at the other end as well for the circuit to be closed?

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    Nope, it still drains. If you look at a cable plug, there is the tip and the sleeve. If you're familiar with a tea plug, there is a tip, ring and sleeve. The ring sits at the end of the sleeve, next to the tip. In an emg setup, the ring part of the jack is hooked up to the battery, and the sleeve is ground per usual. When you plug in a standard cable, the ring and sleeve parts of the jack both touch the sleeve on the plug, closing the circuit.
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