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Thread: Community SLO style amp build

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    Join Date: May 2011
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    Community SLO style amp build NOW FINISHED.

    Would you guys be interested in a SLO style amp build that i will log and give the community choices on as to the types of construction/cosmetics & certain component choices?

    The reason i am doing this is because as some of you may know i am setting up a small business selling amplifiers/pickups/effects etc.

    And this is to test the waters with some new suppliers of parts that i have struck up deals with and it will be listed in the sales section of this forum.

    Also note this is going to be one of the last "clone" type amps that i will be doing other than those that people have already entered into discussions about with me, and whatever the winner turns out to be on the poll on the blog.

    This will be fully logged from start to finish on the blog with some highlights posted in here/another thread.

    Also please note i may not start this until january but there is potential for it to be started this month also.


    Pictures added to first post for reference.

    I didn't start taking pictures right at the beginning so I only have bits and bats so far.

    First up is the preamp PCB thats populated with Mallory 150 Capacitors Vishay & Panasonic resistors & F&T Electrolytic capacitors.

    Preamp PCB

    Next up is the filament bridge (faux centre tap if your power transformer doesnt have one. This one does so it's just a bridging point for the filaments)

    Filament Bridge

    From there the filament/heater wires go around the inside of the chassis

    Filament Wiring

    Then it joins onto the Lamp/Power Indicator.

    It then comes out from the lamp and goes to V5 (Phase Invertor) pins 4/5 & 9

    V5 connection

    The heaters are then wired in a parallel fashion straight down pins 4/5 & 9 for each 12ax7.
    Heater Bus


    That is all for now as I kinda neglected this today as I got some new pickups so spent most of the day playing guitar. I do however have four days off work now thanks to the queens Jubilee so I shall spend it building!

    Also it is very dusty inside there currently. This will all be cleaned up before the preamp & power amp get installed.

    Update 02/06/2012

    I haven't really done much today because I wasted my day travelling to Farnell to find they were closed even though the website stated they were open.

    This is the Filament/Heater bridge that I started on before but it now has the 6.3v 9A Filament Tap from the power transformer hooked up to it.

    Filament Bridge

    From here there are two wires that go on to the power valve sockets which heat the filaments. In this shot you can also see the bias test points and external adjustment pot which are what I will be working on next

    Power Valve Heaters

    Update 03/06/2012

    This morning I've wired up the transformers mainly other than the High voltage tap as that connects to the power amp PCB.

    Up first is the Impedance switch this is where the OT connects and also the depth mod and Slave out.

    Impedance Switch

    Next up is the Slave out.

    There is a 47k resistor going to the 8ohm tap on the impedance connector which connects to the level control for the Slave Out which is for using a wet/dry setup and of course can be used for direct recording as it captures the entire amp then you can just stick some cab impulses on the track and you are good to go.

    Slave Out

    And then we have the power valve wiring that is now complete

    Power Section

    Then finally we have the power transformer wiring in it's current birds nest phase. This will all be neatened once the power & preamp boards are in and the wires are shortened to the correct length.

    Birds Nest Phase Wiring

    That's it for a few hours. I've got a massive headache from the solder fumes and a friend has come round so i'm going to go for a beer.

    Right I had a longer break than expected but i've managed to get a bit more done

    Here's the power amp PCB nothing to say about this really other than it has a lot of filtering which again is a bit part of the SLO sound.

    Power Amp

    From here now there's just the preamp, Pots & FX Loop to do but theyre all pretty minor so will only take a couple of hours. Then it's first power up and voltage testing time then time to come back and shorten a few wires.

    Update 04/06/2012

    Here's the initial pot wiring.

    Pot Wiring

    And going on from the pots you get to the Clean/Crunch & Bright switching section which I will add is an absolute pain to get looking presentable. I'm not 100% happy with this so I will probably end up redoing it once I know everything's 100% working.

    Clean / Crunch & Bright / Normal Switches

    And then finally for a few hours until I wire the preamp in here's a shot of the amp in a much tidier state than before but still not optimal.

    Amp Top View No Pre

    Update 05/06/2012

    Hey guys! I finished this one very earlier but had too much fun playing it and also tweaking it a little.

    Yesterday I said that I have the preamp to wire in.... here's the photo before

    Angry Porcupine

    Then from there all I had to do was connect each section of the preamp to the corresponding valve. here's V1 which is the input stages and the second and third gain stages.

    V1/V2 wiring

    From here I Continued on along the other 3 valves and also wired the grid stops to the power valves and connected the tonestack & other controls up

    More Wiring

    And then onto one of my least favourite parts of amp builds. The effects loop. It's so damn fiddly getting all of this done in such a small space.

    Effects Loop

    Then It's just a case of wiring up the footswitch hack and front panel toggle but those are boring so heres a top down pic.

    Complete Wiring

    And a final assembly even though it's not really final.

    Complete Head
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    Sounds like a plan to me, I'll be interested in the results.

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    Join Date: May 2011
    Location: Wakefield, UK
    ME: Swirley Shirley
    MB: Shine POS
    Rig: SLO & MkIIC+

    iTrader: 2 (100%)

    I just realised ill have to see if Chris/someone else will enable polls in this section otherwise ill have to run all the polls over on the blog.

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    Pretty sure you can just edit post and add a poll mate. Could be wrong though.


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    Join Date: May 2011
    Location: Wakefield, UK
    ME: Swirley Shirley
    MB: Shine POS
    Rig: SLO & MkIIC+

    iTrader: 2 (100%)

    Quote Originally Posted by BlankPlank View Post
    Pretty sure you can just edit post and add a poll mate. Could be wrong though.
    I tried that. It seems they arent enabled for this forum section.

    The decisions shall just be made through the power of discussion!

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    Added a poll, try editing it

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    This would be interesting.
    [Leon] 10:03 pm: She can poop on my chest anyday

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Black Swamp, OH
    ME: Rich Mahogany
    MA: Godin A6 Ultra
    MB: SR500
    Rig: Massive/Boobies

    iTrader: 16 (100%)

    As you're in the UK, would you offer US voltages?

    What's your price range?

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