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Thread: Build #2! Extended scale 6 string

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    Build #2! Extended scale 6 string

    At it again. I enjoyed building my first guitar so much (which can be seen here) that I literally started on this the next day.

    6 strings
    27 frets
    26.22" scale (666mm )
    Superstrat shape
    Black Walnut body
    Indian Rosewood bookmatched top
    Wenge/Flame Maple 5 piece neck
    Flame Maple fretboard w/ piranha tooth inlays (indian rosewood) and a cool 12th fret inlay
    Schaller Hannes bridge
    Schaller non locking tuners (3+3)
    Seymour Duncan Distortions
    Cream or white plastic binding on body and headstock (help me decide!)
    Black fretboard binding
    34mm body thickness (potentially thinner)

    Here's what I have so far!

    Indian Rosewood top, Black Walnut body

    Planed the Walnut to thickness (that dust almost filled pictured garbage can )

    Top glued. There was a couple more clamps put after this.

    Neck laminate glued. Love this combo!

    After glue!

    I have a drawn out plan that I'll post in a few days. I have a couple changes to make to it. Let me know what you think of my specs!

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    That neck and top look gorgeous!


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    i don't know if i've ever seen rosewood as a top before. are you going to finish it?

    i'll be watching this one, your other build was excellent.

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    Thanks dudes. It will be getting a danish oil finish.

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    Wirelessly posted (Hivemind)

    Sweet lookin top!
    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
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    Stoked to see this take shape!
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post
    Stoked to see this take shape!

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    So this is my plan. I changed my mind a little bit on the body. I just traced out an RG on my plan but made the shape a little different in the end. I'm awful at drawing, and the bridge pickup won't be that close to the bridge, but it gets the main idea across.

    Tentative headstock design.

    Scarf joint glued up.

    I was going to put this maple veneer between the neck and headstock in the scarf joint. It was on my bench and everything, but I totally forgot

    Body cut out on my new bandsaw Another new toy is pictured here as well. Rigid sander. Loving it so far!

    Did a little drilling with a forstner bit to lighten the body up a bit. Even though it's only going to be 33mm thick haha.

    Indian Rosewood top planed and cut out. Ready to glue.

    Lotsa glue!

    All clamped up. I learned two lessons while clamping this top on.
    1) I need to buy some more clamps
    2) Be careful with your pressure, especially on thin woods and especially when that thin wood is over a chamber. I didn't even think about this when clamping (very stupid of me) and I cracked the top a bit. Thankfully not too badly and I don't think it's going to be an issue. Also, different style clamps all have their uses. Going to be getting some more quick grip style clamps in the near future.

    My new (used) Delta Bandsaw. Got this for $300 on Kijiji. Put a new blade on it today and it runs like new! I'm really happy with it. Makes things go so much easier for me. You can see my little workspace in the garage in the background.

    Things are definitely going alot easier the second time around now that I have a grip on the basics and have a little experience. And the fact that I've equipped myself pretty well for tools. Basically all my money has been going towards tools and parts since February haha. Taking advantage of living with the parents while I can. I want to move to the city now that I'm graduated, but I could only afford a shitty apartment. Can't make guitars in an apartment

    Edit: Also use clamping cauls from now on. Dummy.
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