Made a MIDI controller, need help with live sampling [also which sampler?]

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Thread: Made a MIDI controller, need help with live sampling [also which sampler?]

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    Made a MIDI controller, need help with live sampling [also which sampler?]

    Hi guys, first time poster! Amazing forum you have here, that's for sure.

    What troubles me is this:

    I made a simple MIDI controller out of a gamepad, and I am using LoopBe1 and Rejoice to send MIDI messages to DAW's. Okay so that's covered.
    What really is my goal is to perform live using samples [I am a guitar player] triggered by foot. So I actually only need them in so called forward shot mode, just press the button and the sample is starting.

    I've managed to get this using shortcircuit1 as a sampler, and it works fine, but I can't manage to assign samples to banks and change those banks on the fly etc.

    So what I wanna do, using only 5 buttons, or MIDI commands [cause my low budget MIDI controller only has that much] is

    button no. 1 - this triggers samples from the specific sample bank, every press triggers the NEXT sample in the bank
    button no. 2 - alternate between banks of presets

    Now this would be ideal, but if I have to use separate buttons for NEXT/PREVIOUS sample, and NEXT/PREVIOUS bank, that's fine too, of course.

    So which sampler should I use, and how to accomplish this?
    I tried Cubase/Shortcircuit combination - couldn't do it [I don't say it cannot be done it is just that I couldn't do it]
    Ableton was recommended to me, haven't tried it yet, do you think this could do the job, and the most important thing - HOW?

    I've done a excruciating search about this on the Web but found NO answers. It's just very surprising to me that no one wanted to do a similar thing...

    Thank you so much for your time.

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    I used Ableton Live Lite and it's perfect for this. Just load up your samples, and then it has a "MIDI Learn" function where you click on the sample, tap the trigger, and it assigns it.

    What kind of gamepad are you using? I'm curious to see this contraption. I just used a Behringer FCB1010 and it worked great.

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    I've been using samples on my live performances for a few years. I use a Boss Gt-8 sending a midi start/ stop cc#. (it will work with your gamepad also).
    As for sampler, i use cubase with the arranjer mode on. I just have one cubase project with all my samples and I assign cubase arranjer to "stop at the end". So, each time I press my footswitch, cubase plays a sample and stops.

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