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Thread: Jazz III plectra/plectri/plectrii/plectrae/plectrumopoliti

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    Jazz III plectra/plectri/plectrii/plectrae/plectrumopoliti

    I've tried using these a couple of times in the past and never really dug them. I've always been a green Tortex dude. Recently (mostly due to laziness) I've been using the only pick that's been within grasp; a Jazz III (black, in case they're colour coded for thickness) and I'm starting to really dig it.

    I really like the attack it imparts on the string, really like the raised logo on it (helps with grip), like the texture and the shape, and the 'nose' on it, but I'm not too keen on its size. Just a little too small for me, and with my weird and constantly mutating picking style, I find my index fingernail is frequently getting caught under the high strings.

    What's out there in the Jazz III world? Are there slightly larger versions?

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    I always find myself going back to the black Jazz III's. It's just really the only one I feel comfortable with. I also used to use the purple Tortex picks long, long ago.

    There is a tortex version of the Jazz III that is "slightly" larger, and by slightly larger I mean almost the same size, just a little bit bigger.

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    Are those the ones Adam's referring to (ie, not much bigger)? I'm gonna grab a bunch all the same as I only have one of these Jazz IIIs, but will be good to know so I don't get my fragile heart broken when I open the package.

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    The XL are the "traditional" pick size.

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    I've been a Jazz III guy for a long time and I really like these. Excellent grip but same size as normal Jazz III.

    Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack | Musician's Friend

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    Jumbo Jazz >* IMO.

    PM me your address and I'll send you some.

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    I'm pretty much in the same boat, I like the Jazz II tip but find it a bit too small. My favourite pick so far is the Ultex Sharp.

    Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack | Musician's Friend

    I wanna try the MG In-Tune XJs and see how they are too.

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