Dremel, yay or nay?

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Thread: Dremel, yay or nay?

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    Dremel, yay or nay?

    Kinda starting to itch here to build a guitar of my own. And since i'm trying to keep the cost low (band recording, t shirt printing & blah blah blah next year) i'm really eying up this little fella.

    Along with:

    Main use would be for routing & some engraving. There's a router bit you can buy aswell and it's pretty much the only tool i'm lacking here (found out my basement is a goldmine regarding usable tools for building guitar ).

    I reckon i might aswell try my hand at building one instead of modding/rebuilding one. Plenty of scrap wood laying around the basement to practise neck pocket routing on basicly. And i already got my hands on a CAD program to draw out specs & templates for everything.

    I've also decided to take luthierie classes next year during the weekends. Would love to take the full time college course as evening classes to actually get a degree in it. But there's a massive waiting list with only 12 spots, so fuck that. i'll take the weekend course.

    What's the opinion on this tool?

    guess next time i'll post about this will be for checking specs of my cad drawing

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    Dremels are FTW. I have that router attachment and it kicks ass. It might be a bit of a stretch to use it to route an entire guitar, but it's certainly possible.

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    Once you get it, you'll find 1,000 other uses for it.

    But please, either...
    1. Don't build a guitar with a dremel, or
    2. Build a guitar with a dremel, and take lots and lots of pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    Build a guitar with a dremel, and take lots and lots of pictures.[/LIST]
    Do this.

    The Dremel might be useful for undercutting stainless frets, delicate inlay work and a few other things, but it's going to be utterly useless for doing any major work like shaping or routing out cavities.

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    Get yourself a nice plunge router and practice on some spare wood. They may seem intimidating at first, but I feel more in control with one of those when doing pick-up routes and such. Then use the dremel for the fine touches.

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    I'd simply use it to route the neckpocket, pu & tremcavity. maybe some inlays aswell. (more headstock then fretboard.) Oh, and obviously the templates too

    The actual shape of the guitar is getting sawed out roughly with a different tool.

    Actual shaping will be all hand carved & chiseled.

    I'd never get SS frets either. I'm pretty much set on getting jescar evo gold.

    I pretty much got easy access to some sexy tops like

    I alread did a price calculation Exotic Wood, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple & Tiger Maple | Bell Forest Products
    Wich came around 300$ total for the woods. Only fucked up thing was paying 200$ shipping for it

    I don't really mind routing it out at snails pace at all, especially for a first build.

    CNCing was a second option i was considering but i'm in no situation to actually afford one or am able to use one to route out the body. So i'll just slave my way through it

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    I have FOUR dremel tools in my shop...

    Two styluses that get the most use.. for a myriad of stuff... polishing frets, sanding inside cavities, finishing up the fret tang when the damn nippers don't cut it comepletely off.. and becasue they are cordless.. they find their way all over the place.. in the house, the garage, etc..

    then i have two older multi tools, one that stays permanently mounted in my precision router base for inlay work and one that stays on the bench...

    its the ONE tool in the shop that i use every single day!!!
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    just my 2 cents, I got the itch a couple years ago to start building so hopefully I can save you some time.

    I got my router for 50 bucks at a pawn shop along with a drill press for a 100, both are an absolute must if you are going to be building from scratch. Plunge router is prefered, it'll save you time resetting the bit depth over and over. I'd strongly suggest a Safe-T-Planer (50$) also, this is used on your drill press and act as a planer which would run you a couple hundered dollars. You can get one at Stewmac.com (great place for buying parts and tools).
    Not sure what you're building but i'd have a look at guitarbuildingtemplates.com, Ron's got pretty much everything or will help with a design. You don't have to buy a DIY guitar DVD, youtube has plenty and it's free. I found a luthier named Perry Ormsby and he did a build from start to finish and they're great for learning. He doesn't talk and explain everything but that's what I liked about them. Most DIY vids they talk for 20 minutes about a line they're about to cut and how their granny came over on the Mayflower, just search for Ormsby guitars on youtube, it was a multiscale white strat he built. I'm not trying to sway you away from MG at all but projectguitar.com has a ton of members and all they do is build and there's a librairy of info along with links to suppliers etc. I'm not a luthier by any stretch of the imagination and my intention was to learn how to refret and build one guitar, now i've got six with four in the works. FYI it's addicting as hell. Hope this helps some.


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