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Thread: Ned Steinberger JackPot

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    Ned Steinberger JackPot

    STEWMAC.COM : JackPot Potentiometer

    This combo pot and rotary switch bypasses your instrument’s volume and tone controls. Play full throttle, with the pickup wired directly to the output jack, for a broader signal and enhanced highs.

    When wired into your guitar (rewiring of tone controls may be required), this control removes the load of the pots. Think of it as a knob that goes from 0-10, plus a switch to 11—there's an actual click!

    The JackPot's rotary switch clicks on when the knob reaches full rotation. The open switch lifts the ground to the pot, eliminating the load on the pickups and letting the full signal reach the output jack. When the knob is rotated counterclockwise, the ground to the pot is reconnected, so the pot returns to standard operation.
    This seems like a pretty cool idea. Kind of like a blower switch built into the volume knob.
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    [VIDEO]]Spinal Tap - These Go To 11 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    I do indeed want one sir.
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    that sounds cool!

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    Awesome idea. I run so many gutiars with disconnected tone and volume or just a disconnected tone and sometimes I have moments when I miss one.

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    That's so awesome.

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    They've had these on some Fenders for a while. Glad to see them make it to the aftermarket.
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    That's pretty badass

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    The Fender "no load" tone pots just take themselves out of the circuits. This guy seems to take ALL of the pots out of the circuit.

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