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Thread: Recommended temperature and humidity

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    Recommended temperature and humidity

    Hi everyone!

    Quick question: What is the recommended humidity and temperature in the room when building a guitar (or rather, what is considered to be too cold, too warm, too dry and too humid for a guitar-building environment)?

    I've had plans on building a guitar for a while now, however since I am an expert level procrastinator (as people have pointed out ) the whole enterprise has been a bit delayed...

    But, I have now finally decided that it is time for less postponing and more action. However, it is soon the middle of November, and that means that temperatures are soon going to drop to around minus 10-25C (14 to -13F) outside (and the only place I've got for any type of woodworking is the garage, and although it might be a few degrees warmer in there it will still be cold).

    I suspect that I will have to invest in some kind of mobile radiator to return the temperature in the garage to something closer to room temperature, but I just want confirmation of this. I know that a lot of glues don't work if its too cold, but how about the wood?

    Then there is humidity. I intend to buy a hygrometer to measure the humidity, but I have no idea what an appropriate humidity is for places intended to be used for building guitars. I would guess somewhere around the humidity of the locale that the guitar is intended to be used in, i.e. my house, but as I am not sure I would like some confirmation, or the correct answer if I am wrong.

    Also, lets say that the humidity in the garage is higher or lower than it is inside the house, is this a problem if the difference isn't too great, and what would you consider be a too humid or too dry climate? Finally, is there any way of adjusting the humidity in the garage, except for maybe waiting for the seasons to change?

    I thank you in advance!
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    Not sure about ideal temperatures, but if its that cold, odds are it will be too dry. You want to shoot for 45% humidity, maybe a hair more. That might be different though considering how cold it is. You can use a room humidifier to soggy it up in the garage though.

    edit: also your calculations are wrong. 32F is 0C. Unless I'm misunderstanding the temperatures you're meaning, you're looking at 50-75F (not that that helps you, but for other people chiming in). I'd shoot for 45ish %humidity at those temps.
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    I recalculated the temperatures and no I have the correct temperatures (assuming that the calculator works properly). I live in Sweden, which is way up north in Europe, and it can get really cold here. To use the scientific temperature scale: minus 10 to minus 25 degrees celcius is 248k to 263K, which is cold but survivable

    Though, as I said, the garage is a bit warmer, but still rather cold... probably around 0C. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less (lets say between +8C and -8C /46-17F)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeetwig View Post
    I am an expert level procrastinator (as people have pointed out )
    Sorry, dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassidy View Post
    Sorry, dude.
    Haha no problem at all ^^ I should thank you to be honest! You put is so clearly and so simply that I couldn't even begin to argue that I wasn't one, and I have never though about just how many things I procrastinate :S It really struck me that I do it a lot, and I am now trying to change that, with amazing results! ^^

    I have doubled my sweep picking speed in just a few days (although not tight enough, but with some practice), increased alt picking speed, finally started with the guitar build, gotten my control up on double bass (as well as finally getting control at 16th notes 240 BPM), etc etc etc. So thank you! You really changed my way of thinking around doing things!

    Any ideas about the topic? What's a good temp for guitar building?
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    20'C and a healthy dose of humidity. Scandinavian winters are rough and dry and good for building homes, but I don't think it's good for building guitars.
    I know furniture makers dry their material to less than 10%, but I'm not sure about guitar stuff.

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    Generally about 40% humidity is good, as it allows for movement in both directions ie. it's a fair midpoint.

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    Ok I should be able to acquire a hygrometer this weekend, and then we'll see if I need to do something about the humidity.

    Is is possible to raise or lower the humidity? There are humidifiers, but do they work in reverse too?

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