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Thread: [Tech] Foam String Dampening

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    I've used it at work for what it's intended to do. never thought of that

    I even have a 100 yard box of the stuff in my garage, so, time to dampen!

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    But yeah they look re-fu*king-tarded.

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    Nice man! Thanks for sharing. I use the GruvGear FretWraps now and found that they are the best solution that I've come across so far. I used to use hair bands but they lost tension quickly and easily. I tried using foam from when you buy pickups and that worked but the string still kept getting stuck on it. I find the FretWraps work best because they don't need a lot of tension, it's just the - what do you call it, frilliness(?) - of the fabric that really mutes things without putting pressure on. I'd suggest sticking some more... errr... frilly fabric onto the foam if anyone has issues with the strings getting stuck on the foam like I did.

    Great tip man, it's a surprisingly helpful one, and is good for any kind of music, really. It's nice to have more control over your playing.
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    What a difference this made in my Torero.. I cut up about 5 inches of old guitar cable and used the outer rubber layer to jam into the springs. Went from 50's 'way too much spring reverb cause it's super cool' tone to massively tight and quiet. I'm a believer!

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    Ingenious! I gotta try this, I use to just tie a bandana around the strings.

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    Funnily enough I did exactly the same thing the other day with some left over foam I put under my pickups when direct mounted them. I got a sheet of 5mm black foam off eBay for about 1.20 and I've got enough left to probably do another 50 guitars. I was pretty surprised what a difference.something like this makes. Attachment 13582

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