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    What up guys have a pretty banged up bc rich iron bird nj series basically it's a pos but its been in my parents garage for years and I want to tinker around with guitars a bit and seems like the perfect project

    Major issue the bridge which is not the original is cracked so totally useless took the bridge out and saw some strange awkward cuts to make the currently useless bridge fit

    I want to put a new fixed bridge on the guitar but there is a giant hole in the body
    What is the best wood to use to fill that in? I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new kahler if those can even be found or Floyd rose type of thing I think the cracked bridge was a kahler rip off
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    Thanks for any info or help hopefully the photo uploaded

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    First of all. Pleeeeeease use some punctuation and sentence structure. Not only is it more pleasant but it also makes it easier to help you out.

    That said, the best way to fix that is to route out a rectangle so its easier to fit a block in to fill with. As far as the best wood, whatever the body is made of. I'd guess agathis knowing BC rich but I can't say for sure. Maybe someone else can chime in
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    depends on the year.

    Bc rich has used agathis, basswood and alder for nj's (and maybe even some others).

    but that doesn't look like an NJ to me. I'd say its a Gold series (early 90's)

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    Awesome, thanks for the input- Max- I am a high school English teacher and wrote that sad post on my iphone- I did the same thing I get all over my students for doing! Used that in class today as an example of why it is important to use punctuation-

    all kidding aside- on the neck it says NJ series on on a plate on the body has a california and usa serial number, it just seems like a mess, but I paid 30 bucks for it years ago and any mistakes I make on it can't really make it worse

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    No, we're really not kidding on punctuation, dude.
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