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Thread: Bc Rich Warlock NJ back to life

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    Bc Rich Warlock NJ back to life

    Last X-mas I thought I deserved a few treats, so one of them was a 1997 Nj Warlock Body and Neck.

    The guitar was pretty much a mess, dirt and rust and a few dents. It had been used for some time by a left hand player and then throuwn in a corner.

    Some idiot who used to play in a band I really liked, signed the back of the headstock

    Since it had been used with a left hand Floyd, I guess someone used a butter knife to route the needed space...

    I sanded it, cut a piece of mahogany (wich was the wood I had laying around), glueded in and sprayed some black nitro. Can't seem to find those pics...

    Now off to the electronics. Originaly, these come with N. Vol, B. Vol, 3 way and Tone.

    But I went on a different path: Push pull for coil split on the neck and a mini dpdt on-on-on for Paralell/split/series on the bridge. I'll be using a Entwistle HDN on the neck and a Bill lawence on the bridge.

    Used a Mallory 033 cap and vintage cloth wire. I do most of my soldering with the pots and switches stuck onto cardboard (i trace the controls layout from the body onto the cardboard first). A neat little trick that allows me to have just the right amont of wire

    I do my own custom jack plates, from 1mm aluminium. i use a nice jeweler's saw to cut the shape and then sand/ polish.

    Fits nicely into the guitar

    And here she is, new strings and a setup later. I still have to do a truss rod and backplate, since I f*ckin hate plastic.

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    Sweet man. Looking really good. I love saving guitars from pawn shops myself heh. I have a ESP LTD F-207 and an old Warlock Platinum I'm working on atm.

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    Nice save!! I love Warlocks Very nice work on the jack plate as well!
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    Nice! Awesome work on the jack plate.

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    I've never really liked the look of Warlocks but that jack plate really fits it well.

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    Nice 'Lock.

    And Max is still doing some awesome stuff. Have you heard Cavalera Conspiracy?
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    Location: Hell- ville, Portugal
    ME: BC Rich Ironbird NJ
    MB: BC Rich Warlock Platinium
    Rig: Peavey Ultra 120

    iTrader: 3 (100%)

    Thanx everyone.

    @Toxic: Yeah, Cavalera Conspiracy is not that bad, but from a guy who grew up to "Beneath the Remains" and "Arise", everything else sounds like junk to my ears, lol.

    I've been doing these jack plates for all my Bc's, but it takes me forever to make them, lol. I still need to get myself some relly nice and small niddle files, those tight corners are a PITA to get done right.

    I still need to do the truss rod cover and the back plate (both out of etched aluminium since I absolutly HATE plastic parts), but the guitars tend to pile up at home and i'm with very little time right now.

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