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Thread: Epiphone SG400 Neck Repair and Makeover

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    Epiphone SG400 Neck Repair and Makeover

    Thought I would share this one with you guys also... I know, it's a lot of work for a cheap guitar, but I got it for free (I bought it, sold the hardware and still made some $ ) and it's always a good idea to try things on cheap guitars instead of f*cking some 2k guitar...

    Now, the guitar was sent inside a rigid case from the owner to a luthier for some tweeking, and got there looking like this:

    And to keep a long story short, the owner got his money from the transport company and sold it to me for 40€. No pickups, but I got it with strings!

    Now, if there's something that really p*sses me off about guitars (besides dirty fretboards and plastic - did I mentioned I HATE plastic?) is sloppy solder work. Like this:

    Come on... Is it that difficult to learn how to solder properly... Jebus...

    Well, after disassembling the guitar, time to take care of that neck. The fun part is that you have to break the rest off, without feeling guilty

    After scraping all those chips to get a tight fit, some Titebond and a lot of clamps later:

    Some sanding to trim the excess glue and take off some of the varnish and respray it. I didn't do the entire neck, just this part, as I will be sanding downs all of the guitar to get a mate finish.

    Looks nice enough for me.

    Before going any further, I reassembled the hardware, put some strings and left if for about a week, checking the tuning, just to see if was ok.

    Now, off with that gloss:

    I wanted something painted on that bid empty chunk of guitar, and after a lot of thought and talks with the wife (she's my aestetic consultant), I went with a simple design, to be carved into the body. I wanted to do some Gustave Doré, but came to the realisation it was just out of my abilities, lol.

    Body sprayed white and drawing transfered:

    Then I used a engraver's tool to scrape the drawing into the guitar, about 1mm deep. Painted over the lines:

    and sanded the surface again:

    Now, off to the headstock: Some fine veneer glued in:

    Sprayed black:

    and then used the same technique to engrave my logo

    I then painted it white and with glow in the dark ink

    I came to the conclusion it was just too...

    So, I painted it again, just white.

    time to start assembly:

    I bought some epiphone tuneomatic and locking tailpiece (realy like them tailpieces) in black. kept the budget low and I don't find them all that bad...
    As for pickups, some old Tokai MkII and Kluson loking tuners.

    I did get some paint off the headstock when I sanded down the logo paint (not enough layers of black I know), but I went on a "f*ck it, it's my guitar" mood and left it at that, instead of doing it all over again, lol.

    Looking at it, i thought something was missing...

    So I took of the Tokai Pu's, changed their wire to vintage style braided and messed around with the covers...

    Now, that's more like it...

    The offboard wiring:

    50's style, with alpha pots and some NOS Phillips mustard caps a friend gave me.
    All inside the guitar now, and the pu's wired.

    Some strings and here she is:

    I did a engraved truss rod cover that came out looking like shit:

    I might have to do another one...

    She's a nice player, managed to keep the action pretty low, and I love them tokai's.

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    That looks great, I used to play my buddy's epi sg all of the time and it played perfectly.

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