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Thread: RG1527 Project - Adding a Piezo System (PIC HEAVY)

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    RG1527 Project - Adding a Piezo System (PIC HEAVY)

    I've always wanted one of the piezo-equipped 7str Ibanezes, but missed the boat on buying one when they were available years ago. A little while back, I found an electronics wiz/guitar player who was modding Ibanez trems and adding (retrofitting, in the case of the EP7) piezos. I'd already procured a RG1527RB body and RG1527M neck, so all that was left was to order a new Edge Pro 7 and pickups. Once I got those, I contacted the tech, made the arrangements, and sent everything his way...

    The finished guitar specs are:

    - 2006 RG1527RB Prestige body (blue)
    - 2011 RG1527M Prestige neck
    - Edge Pro 7
    - Crunch Lab 7 (bridge) and Liquifire 7 (neck), 3-way p/u selector
    - LR Baggs Piezo system
    - Remove tone knob (never use it)
    - Move volume knob to the spot where tone was
    - Install single pushbutton/toggle switch in old volume spot. Push once for piezo-only, push again for magnetic pickups.

    When I contacted the tech, I stressed that I wanted a super-basic, SIMPLE control mechanism for the piezo vs. mag selection. I love the old 2027's, but I didn't need/want controls anywhere near that complex:

    Since I already had a body and neck, I procured a minty Edge Pro 7 (and locking stud mod):

    Next task was to install everything, string it up, and make sure all the parts played nicely together. They did. Everything set-up like a dream:

    I shipped the above parts, along with the new DiMarzios to the tech, and he went to work...

    First, he drilled-out the old volume hole to accommodate the piezo/mag switch:

    Here's the new push/toggle switch installed:
    The way this works is it's either all piezo, or all mag pickups. I didn't want any crazy blending options. Very simple. Push once to engage the piezos, push again to go back to mags.

    Next, the LR Baggs piezo system was installed. Apparently, the EP7's are already set up to accept this system. I don't think much machine work was needed at all:

    Here's a closeup of the new LR Baggs piezo saddles:

    For the electronics nerds, here's some pron:

    And, here it is... all finished:

    I've had to do some acrobatics in my Axe-Fx II to make the whole "single stereo cable out... to dual mono Y cable" thing work. I can't say I'm thrilled with that, but it's well worth the extra effort.
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    I like everything about this thread

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    That's awesome, love the simplicity.

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    Wow man I'm really liking this very clean job.
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    Killer project
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    If anyone's interested, PM me and I can pass the techs name/website along to you. He also does amp mods. I didn't want to mention it initially, because I didn't want it to look like I was just advertising for him.

    And yeah, one of my criteria was NO EXCESSIVE DRILLING. I wanted to avoid modifying the body too much, so I opted to shove the battery in the control cavity instead of having a new battery compartment routed. He really did a stellar job of getting everything to fit. The widening of the tone hole was the only mod to the body.

    Thing is, I doubt anyone else would be able to figure out the electronics... so if I ever wanted to get the body repainted, I'm kinda screwed, heh.
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    Wow! That's a killer mod. Guitar looks great!

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