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Thread: Demo Videos??

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    Demo Videos??

    Hey everyone, I've had quite a few requests for demo videos for our pickups, so we're gonna be getting some people to start recording and doing clips for us. I wanted to ask everyone their opinions on what you like to see in videos testing guitars/pickups. All information is greatly appreciated! (Hope i put this in the right area)

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    Full range of clean tones, and down tuned metal on your OD clips. There's only a handful of people actually do the whole down tuned demo thing, so it's a good start. Also, how well the pickups respond to rolling back the volume.


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    Yeah, I agree on the need to hear the full range of clean and distorted tones. I despise watching a demo video played through on "11" the whole time, and pretty much focusing only on the chugga-chugga riffs. Also, if you want to demo it over backing tracks for PART of the video just to show how it can cut through a mix I can tolerate it, but frankly I want to hear how the pickup sounds and if I have to aurally wade through all that other crap I start to get angry. and ...

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    the big thing would be not only going through the gamut of clean and dirty but to have those tones actually be through amps people use. For cleans, a fender combo, for dirty something generic like a 5150.

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    +1 on Fender cleans/ 5150 dirty

    Someone who specialises in each would be even better. I've lost track of the number of 'metal' demos that are just mindless wank played by some washed up rock guitarists who think we all want to hear Guns'n'Roses or Korn.
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    Fluff does some good Lace Pickups demos they got a good balance of clean and DA BROOTZ... Would like some more lead work though.

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    Hey, if you need anyone to demo singlecoils, I've now made it through virtually all of Dimarzio's (and most of Fender's) offerings trying to find the right neck/middle set for my Strat. I started with a set of Golds back in '00 or so and used them for years, so I'd definitely like to see how they stack up to the rest of your offerings, and I have a fairly active youtube channel with a good number of subscribers who came there to check out my Dimarzio comparisons.
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    Right on everyone! Thanks for all the info! Im gonna bring up all these good points in my next meeting later today, and get the ball rolling on some sweet videos for all you players out there. I'd do em myself, but unfortunately managing/building pickups and doing internet stuff takes up most my day. And im slightly out of practice. Haha

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