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Thread: Twisted Neck-Through with laminates

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    Twisted Neck-Through with laminates

    New neck answers are out of the question because its a neck-through...why bother? Just build a whole new bass at that point as long as you have the saw mill have to glue the sides on anyway. Another solution I'm not entertaining is to build a new neck and turn this into a bolt-on.

    Ok, now we're all on the same page?

    The bass was built in 2002, so I dont think its moving any more...although, it tends to move all day. Like, it will be buzz free in the morning, and buzz city in the afternoon/ night. It's like it resets all night when it's cool.

    Can this be fixed with heat? I've removed fretboards before so I've got a flexible heat strip that works splendidly.

    When rigged up and heat applied, wont the glue warm up and the laminates shift causing uneven sprouts?

    What about the fretboard and frets? Same thing? Sprout?

    What about removing the fretboard and planing, then replace the fretboard? Is that a better solution? Maybe install some carbon fiber rods for future protection?

    Having asked all that, now I'm thinking since it moves from morning to afternoon, it may be the truss rod itself causing all this if its cranked down, no? I opened it up but in typical boutique fashion, the truss adjustment area is the exact size of the rod...not of the tool to get in there so I couldnt loosen the thing to find out how cranked it is. There is a lot of thread showing so I assume its jacked down pretty hard.

    I can sent this back, but it has to be today for the 48 hour trial period. I really want to keep it because it really sounds great and plays super duper...except the buzz from frets 5 down on the ADG strings because, well...the neck is fucking twisted you know?

    Its so slight that its easiest to see holding the bass like this;

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    Wow that's pretty noticeable.
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    Send it back. Warped necks rarely just get fixed and go away.

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    The pictures you posted are a little vague but I'm not seeing incredibly obvious amounts of twist from these. Are you playing with your action really low? Unless there's an astronomical amount of shift occurring and the pics just aren't telling the story, it's surprising the you're going from no-buzz to buzz within hours.

    First choice would be to send it back.

    After that, I'm assuming the first culprit would be something truss rod related. Other than obviously keeping the guitar from bowing, the purpose of the truss rod and any neck reinforcement would be to keep it stable (ie: not changing with every few degree shifts in the temperature.)

    EDIT: Making it out better now. I'm assuming with the second pic, you're pointing out how the middle laminate up the headstock is at an angle, relative to the stripe on the body?
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    If it's not fixable with a truss rod adjustment send it back. Necks which aren't stable can be temporarily fixed by fret levels and other work but they tend to continue to warp at a fairly bad rate. I have a buddy who's had work done on a bass his dad passed on to him twice in the past few years to get it playable.

    You'll be able to find another bass which sounds and plays as well or better than that one. It'd be a shame to continually spend a lot of money on repairs when you could return and find something just as good now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    EDIT: Making it out better now. I'm assuming with the second pic, you're pointing out how the middle laminate up the headstock is at an angle, relative to the stripe on the body?
    What I found was that using the back of the body as a straight edge, you can see the headstock is twisted a smidge.

    Its harder to spot down the fretboard because the nut is cut on an angle where the bass strings are higher than the treble side and it plays with the perception of the scope.

    I've packed it back in its box and plan to call today. It's a shame too because as I said, its got a great tone and it shreds like no other bass i've ever the morning.

    It's just too unstable. If I got a job as an ocean liner musician. This thing would pretzel itself when the band plays out on the stern.

    Edit: The lifetime warranty card is still in the envelope in the case, but it only applies to the original purchaser. boo-fest. Fuck, I really want to be able to keep this thing. mmmphfff'.

    Second Edit: Just got off the phone with "my guy", and he says its not really 'fixable'. The wood is going to do what its going to do. HOWEVER, he said that removing the fretboard, heating, installing a couple stiffening rods, then replacing fretboard will help immensely. Like, ninety-some% better, and that may be good enough to save it if its as cool as I say.

    I will be involved in this work so its just the cost of the rods and my time. No labor charges, and I'm learning new things. I still dont know what I'm going to do. :/
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    What kind of bass is it, anyway?

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    There are always other basses, and many will play just as well. Not worth it in my opinion, especially since planing the fingerboard and adding the rods can not only muck up the finish, but can cause issues that might impair the bass's playability (the only thing that's really making you like it in the first place!)

    Return it.
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