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Thread: Apex II Refinish and Mods

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    Apex II Refinish and Mods

    Just got this back from being refinished and modded. As you'll see in a couple of the pics, the refinish isn't perfect... there was some tearout here and there, but overall I'm stunned at how much better this guitar looks, plays, and most importantly, sounds. The Aftermaths are fantastic in this guitar (whereas I didn't like them in my basswood guitars).

    I bought the guitar bone stock some months ago. It was cheap, used, green, and the damn thing was suffering from so many issues it was almost unplayable. All that stuff has been fixed, but enough blabbering. Onto the specs and pics!


    Guitar: 2010 Ibanez Apex II (bought used)
    Pickups: Bare Knuckle Aftermath calibrated set
    Nut: handmade from bone blank
    Body Finish: Natural ebony stain with light coat of satin lacquer (I think) to prevent the color from rubbing off. Wanted a low-cost, low-tech finish.
    Headstock Finish: Straight black, gloss lacquer. A cost-saving measure.
    Hardware: Original Apex II "Powder Cosmo" hardware
    Other Work Done: Neck holes filled and redrilled. Full fret level, crown, and polish. New input jack.

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    dude.... killer.

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    that actually looks awesome

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    Holy shit, Bobby. That looks fantastic. I'm not too keen on the stock finish these guitars have. That's an enormous improvement on it in my book.

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    Badass Wish I still had my one of these :/


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    That looks fucking great dude.

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    That looks way better and bet she plays like a dream now to.
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    While I get why it was first covered with paint (Ibanez ) , this looks really fantastic! Well done.
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