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    Nut Work... lolz

    Hey my 330nt nut is already wore out after a year sadly. Its my fault for changing my tuning so much. but, I have looked online and I found that my guitar uses a 42 mm nut. I was looking at maybe getting a graphite nut. I know this cant be a hard fix. I finally talked myself in fixing it myself. I'm just a bit worried that I might screw it up and I don't want my baby to be broken and dead. I been using my second guitar for months and would like to get back to using my shredder. Any tips before I give this a try? Thanks guys - Graph Tech PT-5042-00 Black TUSQ Electric Guitar Nut Strat 42mm this is what I am looking at for the guitar

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    Make sure you get the right kind of nut. Does your guitar have the nut mounted in a slot on the fretboard like a Strat or behind the end of the fretboard, like on a Les Paul?

    If you're unsure or uncomfortable with this kind of work, take it to a pro. Even with a pre-slotted nut, the string slots will need to be cut properly for the best action on your particular fretboard, which can require some specialized small files.

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    You'd like to think it can't be hard... Until you do it wrong IMO take it to a tech. It won't be as expensive as you think.

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