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Thread: Cab Re-wiring Advice

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    Cab Re-wiring Advice

    I want to rewire my 3x12 so I can have each speaker individually, or the whole cab in mono at 16ohms. Itís currently loaded with two 16ohm speakers wired in parallel, which are then wired in series with an 8ohm speaker to give a total of 16ohms load. Excuse my crappy CAD drawing, but I think the wiring scheme below would let me do what Iím planning.

    The rectangular blocky things are my crappy representation of a mono 1/4Ē socket, the green terminals are the permanent connections and the red ones are the ones that get broken when you plug a cable in. The things that look like speakers, well theyíre the speakers. Iíve stuck the ohm rating by each one.

    So, will it work or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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    Provided you're right that the jacks break when plugged and don't connect when plugged, that should work.
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