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Thread: DIY Cab Project - Seeking Advice

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    DIY Cab Project - Seeking Advice

    Ok so I'm quite new to good quality amps and speakers, but because I'm on a tight budget and I'm somewhat crafty I decided I'm going to make my own cab.

    I picked up a brand new pair of Eminence Man O War speakers (120w 8ohms) to start off with since I've always heard good things about them and I personally like the sound of them myself. (And I got a decent deal of course :P)

    Now for a few questions:
    1. If I decide to build a 2x12, with just those speakers, what kind of wattage output from a head would I need to use them effectively/safely?

    2. If I decide to build a 4x12, what other speakers could I use to make a good match with the Man O Wars? I don't mind mixing to types of speakers if they supplement each other in their weak spots.

    3. In the situation of mixing different speakers, would the other speakers have to match the wattage and/or ohms of the Man O Wars?

    Any help and tips would be appreciated.
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    1) There is no such thing as "underpowering" speakers. If that were true, they'd blow the instant you turned the master volume down. So don't worry about minimum wattage.

    2) When mixing speakers, make sure they're of similar efficiency ratings, otherwise you will get less benefit from mixing speakers as one set will be louder than the others.

    3) You want to match ohms ratings generally, so that each speaker gets equal power. With wattage, it's just a matter of making sure that the lowest-wattage speaker won't get overpowered by whatever you're driving it with. With four speakers and a 100w tube head, that means each speaker is going to see a maximum of ~25w if you're cranking the thing (probably a bit more, as amp wattage ratings are typically based on clean headroom, which is why a 100w Marshall can blow a 4x12 loaded with 25w Greenbacks if you're being stupid). Most modern guitar speakers can take that, however.
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    Ok, I've been reading up on Ohms and wiring schemes. Being that i have two 8 ohm speakers, would it be best to wire them in parallel for a total 4 ohm cab, or in series for a 16 ohm cab? I think parallel is the more common, but is there anything wrong with having a 4 ohm cab compared to a 8 or 16?

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    There's nothing wrong with having a 4ohm cab, as long as you have an amp that can run a 4ohm cab. You always have to run a cab with a load equal to or greater than the rating on the output from the amp, so if you wire it as a 4ohm cab your amp would need to have a 4ohm output. However, if you wire it in series as a 16ohm cab you could safely run that cab from amp with 4, 8 or 16ohm outputs. Personally I'd wire it for 16ohms so you could run it with more amps
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    I'd wire it in 16ohms in case you decided to build another and want to run them both at once


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