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Thread: Weird EMG problem

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    Weird EMG problem

    I finally got my Yamaha back from the shop. I had the Invader replaced with an EMG 81, and I also had my tech wire the three way switch back into the signal chain. After looking up the model number and electronics these came with, I've found that the three positions were: full on, normal volume control, and bright with volume. However, it currently loses most of the signal in the blower position, and when i apply pressure to certain places on the guitar, like the bak of the first fret of the guitar, and more annoyingly, exactly where I palm-mute, it has a tendency to lose signal.

    It sounds great otherwise, but I'd like to figure this out. It mostly sounds like some loose connections, but wanted to know if anyone here has experience with blower switches and active pickups before info anything
    Any suggestions?
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    It's probably a wiring issue. Like a loose connection..

    I don't know if this relates to what your problem could be (whether or not your Yamaha has a pickguard) but I had something similar happen on an Ibanez RG1550 I used to have. I couldn't figure out what the hell the problem was. I looked at all my wiring and all my solder points, but I found no problems with them at all.

    I ended up taking it to my tech and he said the problem was that one of the wires at the solder point was making contact with the shielding on the back of the pickguard so he bent it away just a hair and all was well.
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