Need help to install the EMG 81/85?

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Thread: Need help to install the EMG 81/85?

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    Need help to install the EMG 81/85?

    This is my first post, so pardon me if there is some mistake here and there

    can some one help me to install the emg 81/85 pickup on my schecter c1 standard? I'm a noob on this kinda situation.

    Factory Default:
    my guitar has 2 pickups (passive humbucking, Duncan Designed), 1 volume for bridge p/u, 1 volume for neck p/u, 1 master tone with push/pull coil tap and 3 way pickup selector (les paul style) I want to install EMG ZW set (81/85) to it, i want to remove the push pull coil tap feature which was included in factory setting, basically i want to make my guitar to this configuration:

    2 pup/vol/vol/mastertone/3 way switch (without push/pull coil tap)

    I already put all the necessary pot in it, the jack etc, i followed the printed instruction diagram that emg provided (included in this set, i followed the "Diagram number 5"), but when i plug the guitar, my tone for each pickup wasn't independently set, when i lower the neck volume, both of the pickup volume was lowered at the same time, vice versa, basically both bridge and neck volume affect each other. To sum up the problem; i cant select my pickup individually, I plug the guitar, both of the pickup were activated, both volume affect each other, nothing happen when I switch my pickup with the 3 way switch, cause both of the pickup were activated simultaneously. The sound coming trough the pup was also low in output. I contact EMG, and they said maybe there is some issue with the pickup buss, this pup set was sealed when i bought it thought, i dont think there's some broken hardware in it, but who knows. Can someone help me ?

    Some pic of my wiring:

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    I would be verifying your three way switch.

    The EMG wiring looks like it should.

    I find the easiest way to deal with issues is back track.

    Eliminate the bus at first go pick-up-> volume -> output and make sure everything works. Get one pick-up working - then get the second pick-up working then add the bus back. You will eventually find the cause of the problem.

    A cheap little volt-ohm meter will be invaluable to check the three-way switch.

    Remember these pick-ups need to be much closer to the string than a passive set. Could be the volume issue.

    Eliminate the

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    make sure none of the bare wire coming from the switch (the blue, green and red wires) is making contact with the bus.

    Unground the bridge.

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