Wiring several humbuckers in series?

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Thread: Wiring several humbuckers in series?

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    Wiring several humbuckers in series?

    You guys might be familiar with the telecaster 4-way switch mod that makes the 4th position both singles in series together. I'm curious if you guys know agood way to do this with either a 3-way blade switch or a 5 way blade switch? Or does it need to be a 4 way?

    I know the tele schematics for this says to ground the metal cover on the neck single separately... Which throws me off. I don't know how that translates to humbuckers.

    My goal is to have more fat sounds rather than more thin sounds. I never really use middle positions, always opting for either/or. I could've just used a 2-way switch honestly. But the idea of the middle being both pups in series rather than parallel, or at least that being one of the options, really interests me!

    So if you guys have any ideas, tell me!

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    Two full humbuckers in series will probably sound like soggy monkey ass. If you want something cool for the middle position try this, wiring both pickups split inseries.
    Review: Virtual 3rd Humbucker

    I had similar wiring on my Schecter and I've always liked the sound on PRS guitars. It's fatter than both split in parallel, like the JP signatures, but cleaner than both humbuckers on in parallel.
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