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    Noob question

    I am changing pretty much all of the wiring in my guitar, as in, I'm removing all the pickups, the 5 way selector, and only keeping the volume and tone pots. I was wondering, is it ok to use headphone wires? I know they aren't exactly ideal, I just need to know if they work. Thanks.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Dont take shortcuts with wiring, you are asking for trouble. Use the proper wires.
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    Wires are wires, you could use whatever you want inside the guitar, there isn't enough current to start a fire or anything. There is higher quality stuff and less quality stuff, but mono wire is mono wire, it carries current. That's it.

    That being said, you can get like, 10 feet of the wire most commonly used in guitars (22 guage or 24 IIRC) for under $5. That's enough for a couple guitars, and it's the "proper" way. Guitar Electronics (name of the site) is a good source.

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