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Thread: Dual Rectifier layout!??

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    Dual Rectifier layout!??

    Hi everybody!! What's up??!

    I'm looking for the wiring layout and PCB layout of the amplifier Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier!
    I've got the schematics and i only search the wiring layout and PCB layout, it's really hard to find... :-( I've looked on nearly all the diy site with languages i understand or i can translate, but NO-THING!!!

    It's very desappointing, so if somebody have them it will be really kind and cool from you if you agree to post them...

    A lot of people want them, and i can read on several web site that some guys build the Dual Rectifier occasionnaly, but no docs, no informations, i don't understand why... I know it's not an easy to do amplifier, but as me a lot of guys are not beginners, so i thought maybe here on this forum, somebody could help me and could share this precious documentations!!!

    Thanks to all people who will read this message and maybe will help me...
    Best regards,

    ***!!!ROCK'N ROLL 4EVER!!!***

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    Best way would be to buy one and reverse engineer it.

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