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Thread: Guitar Neck

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    Guitar Neck

    I started a guitar build (my first one) and i have the body cut out and everything but i have messed up on the neck twice!! does anyone have any advice on making the neck

    I have just used some pine i got to practice making a guitar.

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    what seems to be the problem with the neck?

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    Not trying to be a dick, but before you do a neck you should probably get really good at making bodies that are at least passable for existing necks... That looks really rough, and if that's where you're at on bodies you're definitely not ready for necks. Again, not trying to be a dick, but baby steps. Guitar building is very hard. If you ever want to learn and can make it out to Austin I'd be glad to give some lessons, for appropriate compensation of course.

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    Thats before i sanded and stained it

    And i just wanted some advice for future reference

    I also have a lot of wood so i thought "why not"

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    What exactly do you need to do with the neck?

    Also, agreed with dr. Elysian up there^
    The neck I made in high school has seen many revisions before I was happy with it

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    Do you have to make a neck? What about using a donor neck instead of building one - that way you have something accurate and straight to build your body to. I'm building a body at the moment and learning so much, but even now I feel a long way off making my own neck.

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    I think there's something quite endearing about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian View Post
    Guitar building is very hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Copie210 View Post
    I also have a lot of wood

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