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Thread: Tone pot or not tone pot

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    Tone pot or not tone pot

    I'm currently looking to redesign the electronics of a cheap schecter Blackhawk I bought a while back. I've pretty much decided what I want to do but I'm still torn between putting 1 vol and 1 tone pot or 1 vol pot for each humbucker and building a simple Brian May style treble/mid/bass boost pedal. I mostly play metal but I am hoping to build a versatile guitar. So I am looking for any advice you lot can give, is it worth having a tone pot, will two vol pots limit my sound, is there another option I am overlooking?

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    One volume pot, 5 way rotary splitter if you're using passives or one volume and one of the EMG tone circuits if they're actives. Then you got versatility going and if you want to vary it more, something like a graphic eq pedal like the Mesa one will expand it further.
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