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    Push Pull Pots

    Looking for a recommendation on push pull pots to do coil splits in my San Dimas. There are a billion out there, looking for a recommendation on a good brand, etc. Also, if there is a schematic on wiring DiMarzios that would rule too. I don't do these things enough to keep this stuff in my head.

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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

    I use Bourns for all my pots. They have push pull pots available that work well. As for diagrams, jump onto the dimarzio site, they're all there in the help section.
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    You might also want to look into push-push pots, way better to use. I just go with the alpha ones Stewmac has. Ive had no problems with them.

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    We use the CTS pots, they have great options for audio tapers and different knurls. Ide check them out. They make everything from semiconductors to guitar parts. Stewmac carries them, but they are available everywhere and are on par or in my opinion better than Alpha, though Alpha is pretty amazing too.

    I tend to find the Push Pull pots have the weakest feeling when you roll the volumes, i find CTS has the most resistance, much like a regular pot.

    Hope that helps

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