(Help me!) Metallic overtones and bum notes.

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Thread: (Help me!) Metallic overtones and bum notes.

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    (Help me!) Metallic overtones and bum notes.

    So I decided to give my newest guitar a spa day with a new larger set of strings. The guitar is an Ibanez RGD 2127fx, you may have seen my recent NGD post.
    What came on there were 9-54 gauge. I found the lower register of strings to be a little more floppy than i liked so i upped the gauge to 10-59's.
    Upon finishing im noticing that my lowest string rings open fine, but when fretted gets a complete loss of sustain and a chimey metallic overtone on every fret.
    Things to be noted-
    -The 54 gauge one did not sound like this.
    -I am tuning this to Drop A flat (Ab,Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb)
    -The rest of the six strings sound just fine. I am using D'addario XL's
    -Tried replacing that single string, same effect.
    -The string had a hard time finding its place, as in i would tune it to pitch, give her a good yank, and it would drop down about a semi tone... like 8 times in a row. Then it settled.
    -The string fits in both the nut slot and the bridge saddle just fine, i'm pretty sure this guitar came with factory 10's as it was tuned to A standard.

    What the hell am I missing here?
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    Just a thought but are you sure the string is on correctly and seated in the saddle? I know that some Daddarios have a slight taper at the headstock end and if you were to do what a lot of guys do and run plain end into the tuner and then clip off at the bridge, leaving the ball end, it creates a place where the taper is really lessening the string diameter and effectively, height, causing low action on the lowest string.

    Some pics of the string on the guitar may help as well.

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