Scope out Uncle Ben's crazy new apocalyptic fallout finish!

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Thread: Scope out Uncle Ben's crazy new apocalyptic fallout finish!

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    Scope out Uncle Ben's crazy new apocalyptic fallout finish!

    Hey guys!!!
    So after doing swirls for years now, my mind got restless and started wondering "but what else can i do to make a gigantic mess at my house?"... and i landed on this! Its a cool finish i stumbled into utilizing copper and silver leaf, lots of distressing, and oxidizing all kinds of crazy colors out of that copper.
    I currently doing my 1987 RG550, and a buddy's old Jackson Fusion in this finish. They will be getting a clearcoat here soon, which will only make them even sexier. I'm really in love with this finish!!!

    And so you know... my RG550 is going to have a black smoked mirror guard, cosmo (gunmetal) hardware, and a set of beautiful worn covered Instrumental Pickups (HS configuration FTW!!!!) in it. Its going to be nuts. Anyway, onto the pics!

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    Sweet. I do love me some worn metal. I was looking at doing a similar thing for a cosplay a while back but we were going to use a metal powder and spray it on, then use some kind of oxidising agent to bring out the rust.
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    That is awesome!

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    SUPER!!!! Love that stuff. And good choice with cosmo black hardware on the RG550.

    I usually dislike cosmo black hardware on EVERYTHING, but in this case, I actually looked at the pictures first and tried to imagine these with either black, gold or chrome and nothing worked in my head, so I was happy to read that you where going with cosmo this time around

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    that looks great Ben. Love that finish.

    as well as you weekend wankshop, you should start a weekend paintshop series if you get the time. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to do something similar.

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    That looks fucking awesome.

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