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Thread: Fender HM Strat modding time!!!!!!!

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    Fender HM Strat modding time!!!!!!!

    I just got my HM Strat back from buyer who never paid me so I'm fucking stoked to get this fucker going!!!!
    When I sold it I had already started sanding the finish (took fucking forever, and I never finished anything but the front) and then I regret sanding off the finish, so I tried spraying some white but then I regretted that and I sold the fucker.

    But now it's back!!!!!

    So far I've only made the Floyd front cavity large enough to fit a Gotoh Floyd, and also put some epoxy filler in the knob holes and stuff.

    I am actually going to try and screw the Gotoh studs right into the old Kahler bushing holes, they fit exactly and feels REAAALLLYYY solid just a couple of rounds down, so I think screwing the studs down the holes all the way down to good action will make them just as fucking tight as old OFR wood screws, but I know if I would go up and down with action too much I might have a problem, but then I just have to unscrew them, plug a 8 mm wood shit (I think) and then go to a drill press and make 11mm holes for Gotoh bushings. Problem solved! But I'm willing to try out something that nobody else has! Studs right in wood !!!!

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    not exactly the straightest route job ever

    but I see wut u did thar

    besides, your playing makes up for any debauchery you could come up with, ever.

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    Lack of template is unsurprising for you, RR

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