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Thread: Ibanez Gio GRX40 Heavily Modded (Pics Heavy)

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    Ibanez Gio GRX40 Heavily Modded (Pics Heavy)

    Hi guys,

    Some months ago I got this Ibanez from a friend for 20 +/-. Yes I know firewood for all of you and i though the exact same when i got home and plugged it in.. the PUPS were the worst crap I have ever heard, but I kind digged the Neck, it felt better in my hands than some 300-400 Ibanez at the store. Long story short, I decide to make this my "Travel all around" Guitar, no fear of getting stolen, beaten etc, and one day I decided to put a ToneZone I had laying around (for another Ibanez) just to hear the difference, it was night and day.... and it made me want to customize the hell of of her, even knowing it would always be a cheap shit guitar.

    Got a pair of Entwistle single coils used that were basically factory new for another 20 to replace the crap it was there before and then ok.... lets remove the Red with White Pickguard look (which I find awful to be polite). I also had a Steel Pickguard made for me by a local locksmith (is this the word?) and ask him to dont worry about a clean finish, I wanted it rough, since in my mind I wanted something that look very amateurish made.

    I dont have picks of the original finish but this is almost the same from Ibanez Wiki:

    Removing the original finish:

    Bought some cheap wood tools on a cheap store and dived into making the body rough like an old wood piece, after a couple of hours I had this:

    Painting the Body with an also cheap Acrylic paint and foam Brushes so the Wood veins got darker and also the cavities:

    Wet to "test" how it could look with Tru Oil:

    Sanded by hand to remove the Black Ink but the wood seemed to get a pinkish color...

    For the Neck I wanted to do the Logo first, so downloaded one form the net, roughly resized it in Photoshop, Print it and then did a "home made" decal:

    Since I wanted something that looked home made on it was perfect (although the result later came out like shit...) Planned carving the Logo witht he same tools I had used on the Body, but a friend had lended me a Dremel Machine that i had never used in my life, and instead of practicing first on a scrap I decided that there was no time for that

    I only have two pics from the Neck where I had already sanded the Black Ink, I also speed up a litle on the cutting and carving, I was getting tired and impacient, also the cheap tools that I bought were not doing the job like before... thats why they costed 1.5, Logo came out too small and looks like shit... but, moving forward:

    The I used a home made solution that i saw on the net to give wood a old look, its made with Vinegar, Steel Wool and 2 bahs of Black Tea and the Mix is ready to be used in 24 hours, although 3-7 days is best, after that the instead of a grey color it starts to give a brownish color to the wood:

    At first it seems its not working but 15-30min the wood starts to get Grey like if was outside on the elements for decades:

    Did the same to the Neck and then it was time for the first pass of Tru Oil, started on the back of the Neck then when it dried I went to the back of the Body, then into the HeadStock and Front/sides of the Body. Waited 2-3 hours and gave another pass of Tru Oil, I know I should had waited at least 24 hours... but I was anxious to finish it:

    Let it rest for another hour or so while having dinner and then did a third pass on Oil, I got distracted and used too much on the back...

    Next day (12-14 hours later) I removed the shinny of the Oil using the 0000 Steel Wool, its not very clear on the Pics but live it made a big difference:

    Of course theres always mistakes that we only notice when everything is done, like taping a bit to much into the wood and seeing a clear line:

    I fixed it by using a black ink pen to write on CDs (permanent ink) and a bit of spit on my finger... draw a straight line and quickly rub the spit so it spreads... it worked, its not perfect but unless you know now ones notices it.. I have no pics of it.

    Ok enough talk, show us the dam finished thing already some must be thinking Here it is:

    And last.. a cheesy Poster I bought some years ago on the Surface where I shop my groceries but I like it

    It was a super fun project for me, I learned a couple of lessons for future projects

    Unfortunately Im not really digging the Tone Im getting for her now... I know I have two new variables... the Metal Pickguard and a new PUP, as soon as I have more free time I will put the Tone Zone again there to see if the Pickguard changes the sound that much, I knew it would but im find her to shrill and "trebly" for my taste.

    Anyway hope it was entertaining and even not being the cup of tea for most of you, I had fun

    Tks for reading it.

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    at first i was liking the raw look of the wood.
    Then you tore it up with the woodworking tools and it looked like dickall
    But then you stained it, and it looks pretty fuckin br00tal.

    That stain color goes with the pickguard really well, which by the way, is a totally kickass pickguard.

    Did you do any shielding? Not sure how a metal pickguard effects tone.

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    Thank you

    The Metal Pickguard affects the tone too much for what im used, everything becomes too bright. The shielding is something im dealing with ahahaha right now she buzzes a lot until I touch her...

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    Well fuck me, that is pretty damned awesome.
    "I'm afraid of new guitars. They're too shiny, I can't play them or take them anywhere. They might get damaged!"

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    Groot signature model? Looks awesome dude.

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    That actually rocks man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Version_6 View Post
    Well fuck me, that is pretty damned awesome.
    This. What's not to like? Dude being creative and doing cool work on a superstrat. Well done, man. Turned a very basic and boring guitar into something awesome.

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    Thanks guys!

    Yeah the original finish even thought it was a see through I found it boring and cheap looking... Besides I couldn't stand a Red guitar with a White pickguard (and I hate Pickguards to be honest).

    Love you quote Version_6, I feel the same

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