Hello Everyone!

I am currently in the middle of a little project I am doing. Where I am swapping the pickups, Pots, and 3 way switch in my new Jackson JS22-7 in Gloss Black.
I've gotten 2 500K audio Alpha pots, a 5 way super switch and I bought the stock pickups from a JP-70 on Ebay.
The pickups are my issue, I am wanting to set up my 5 way super switch to have the setting: Bridge, Bridge and Neck (Outside Coils), Bridge and Neck (Humbuckers), Bridge and Neck (Inside Coils), and Neck. But in order for me to do this I need to know the wiring for these pickups. I have looked everywhere online and tried contacting SBMM through email and phone with no answer. I've never found a for sure answer about this.

The wire colors are Black, White, Blue, Red and Bare. I have seen where someone has said that they are the same as Dimarzio but I don't think that is correct because dimarzio pickup wire colors are different.

Here is a picture of the Cavity from a JP-70 someone has posted in the past. Perhaps it will help shed light on which wire is which.
Sterling JP-70 Pickup Wiring-2-jpg

Here is a picture of the wiring schematic that I am wanting to use.
Sterling JP-70 Pickup Wiring-hhinoutsplit5works-1024x786-gif