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Thread: Custom airbrushed old jackson

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    Custom airbrushed old jackson

    I airbrush/paint for a living and finally found the time to paint this old body i've had laying around. its an old low end jackson im pretty sure, now i'm gonna have to see if i have hardware for it anywhere.

    All finished up, now just have to clear it, likely later today got some other things to clear too

    Custom airbrushed old jackson-12187987_10153630660986083_1906519459151890204_o-jpg

    Custom airbrushed old jackson-12208298_10153630660976083_6128640629953594437_n-jpg

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    That's fucking awesome! Killer work. I just love guitars with graphics.

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    Seconding what Lee said, that's really great work
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    Stunning! Would look mental with gold hardware.

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    Woo boy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BStobart View Post
    Stunning! Would look mental with gold hardware.
    Do this!

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