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Thread: Rewiring my Carvin...suggestions?

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    Rewiring my Carvin...suggestions?

    So I've got 90's Carvin DC400, might be a 200, I don't really know. Either way, its got two passive humbuckers, 4 pots, 3 mini-switches and a 3-way pickup selector.

    It came with Carvin's active/passive setup but I fried that thing years ago and never really liked it anyways (wasn't paying attention, soldered the battery clip on backwards when I had to replace it...oops). Recently one of the mini-switches got fucked up when I brought it over from the states to Kuwait, so now I want to go ahead and rewire it with all passive electronics.

    So now I've got options. It has an X2N/PAF (pretty sure its a PAF-Pro but I don't remember) at the moment but I think I want to swap the neck to a SuperD or Super2...the current pickup sounds OK but it doesn't keep up with the x2n at all and I want something thats going to be a little more full--also open to suggestions there.

    When I started typing this I had 3 or 4 different scenarios in mind...typing it out made me settle on this one though. I think it would be pretty good, give me the most options and be the cleanest setup. I already have a 7-string with a standard 1vol/1tone and I have a 1pu 1vol Stealth back home, so this guitar is all about the options.

    Use all 4 pots for 2vol/2tone, use all 3 switches for series/parallel & coil-split and maybe a killswitch or something.

    2Vol - 2Tone
    SW1(on/on/on) - Bridge Series/Parallel/Split
    SW2(on/on/on) - Neck Series/Parallel/Split
    SW3 ....killswitch? Better ideas? I have NO use for a phase switch...don't like them at all.
    And of course pickup selector like it would normally function.

    Open to any opinions. Also open to hardware/brand recommendations. Its easiest for me to order from Amazon Prime. 500k pots? Capacitors? I've done plenty of pickup swapping over the years but I've never gotten into experimenting with the rest of the electronics beyond push/pull pots and such.

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    Blower switch to take you straight from whatever mode you're in to bridge humbucker full on?
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    +1 for the Blower Switch. Some details on it here:

    What is the name of the Suhr GG 'blower' switch component? | The Gear Page

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    Hmmm skimming through that post it was just info on the physical switch, not about wiring it up to jump straight to bridge full throttle. It basically sounds like a push/push pot. Thought about throwing one or two of those in or just replacing all the mini switches with them but I think I'd rather have the switches.

    That wiring idea does sound interesting and I think it should be pretty easy to implement. Not sure it's of much use to me...i won't be playing live so I don't really have to worry about remembering all the switches and shit on the fly.

    Still though... Worth considering. I'd be inclined to use a push/pull though.

    edit: On my computer now I see the photo better...didn't notice that tiny little button there, I thought they were talking about a push/push pot. That is definitely intriguing. And they mention a 4PDT version which could handle series/parallel or coil split for both pickups at once which would be fantastic. One push-button to put both pickups in parallel, one to put them in coil split, then a third for either killswitch or to send the bridge straight to the output. Hmmmmmm
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