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Thread: New Ibanez Mod Project: Snow

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    New Ibanez Mod Project: Snow

    Okay, so I'm not totally set on the name "Snow" yet, but here's the gist of the refinish project:

    (I currently have everything I need except the damn chrome headstock logo)

    • Guitar: 2006 RG1527RB
    • Paint: House of Kolor Snowwhite Pearl Shimrin (or similar)
    • Hardware: All-chrome (including chrome or stainless steel screws)
    • Headstock Decal: Chrome Ibanez checkmark (if I can find one)
    • Tuners: Hipshot Trimlock Chrome
    • Remove tone. Move volume down to old tone position and fill in the old volume pot's hole.
    • Swap rosewood fingerboard for maple
    • Fret markers: Undecided (dotless, white, or chrome/mirror dots)
    • Cavity and control covers: White plastic
    • No truss cover (it was too hard to photoshop out here, so I left it)

    And here are two Photoshop mockups I created as a guide for the shop that'll be doing all the work. One has the standard black dots, the other is without dots. I'm leaning toward either going dotless, or having white or mirrored dots:

    With Standard Dots:

    No Dots:
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    Wirelessly posted

    I vote dot less, at least thematically I think it looks better.

    I hate playing without dots though

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    White dots with black borders would look cool.

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    Dots > Blank. Always.

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    Blank boards look cool as fuck
    I'm so metal I shit bats

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    Blank Board. Looks way cooler. Failing that, offset dots. Centre dots = boring

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    Wirelessly posted

    No dots

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    I'm with Darren - white dots with black border. Especially if they're all on the bass side rather than centered.
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