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Thread: Recc: Stockwell Guitars Fretwork

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    Recc: Stockwell Guitars Fretwork

    Just wanna throw a shoutout to Stockwell Guitars for killing it on my RG neck. It needed a pretty drastic fret level so I just decided to go all out and get Stainless frets on it.

    All my frets were pretty much flat except the first few and it had already been leveled, 92' RG will have that

    These are the progress pics

    If you need fretwork hit up Mark, he'll take care of you!

    Check out my Youtube Channel!
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    those fret ends are prestige grade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angrychair View Post
    those fret ends are prestige grade
    They're more rounded than on either of my Prestiges, reminds me more of one of the Premiums I tried, hopefully without the string getting stuck under one of the frets though
    The above comment may or may not be about Morbid Angel.

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    New member, posts a NGD, shill for Keysailz and now a little bit of free advertising for his buddies who are more than likely affiliated with WG. Nice mate.

    Any idiot can do fretwork like that, it is about how even they can get it all over the board. I

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    If you've got a problem with me mate, hit me up about it in a PM. Fucking hell, no one's impressed by your "enlightenment"

    How about you get off on yourself and contact Mark at Stockwell and confirm everything you just said? I haven't modded for WG in months btw, mod is an overstatement since I just helped clean up spam whenever I wasn't busy working.

    I'd love to see whatever idiot you trust with your fretwork since this is such shit work to you

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    Looks great, I can't recommend stainless steel frets enough, especially on older Ibbys that have been ground flat from playing. Its costly but it pays off in the long term. The golden question, do you hear any noticeable difference in tone now? Disregarding that notes will now ring clearer and buzz free now.

    Quote Originally Posted by samark View Post
    Any idiot can do fretwork like that, it is about how even they can get it all over the board. I
    No they can't. Fretwork is becoming a lost art on guitars nowadays when its arguably the single most important aspect after tuning stability. Everyone goes ape over stainless steel frets without understanding they are a serious problem when not installed and polished properly, companies churn out $4k+ guitars with badly dressed ends, Ibanez even pushed out hundreds of guitars last year where the ends were just snipped off and left jagged but dealers, techs and players didn't even notice.

    There is a lot more than just getting it even over the board which is a flawed approach to begin with. So many people don't understand what makes great fretwork and thats why so many companies/builders drop the ball on it.
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    Wirelessly posted (iBrone)

    Looks smooth. How do you like SS frets? Do they feel much different?

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    They do feel very different, right now the only guitars I have with Nickel Steel are my Regiuses and a few older guitars like Jackson and such. The length of the polish being sustained is insane and I haven't had Stainless Frets tarnish or develop any gunk, some guys prefer nickel because of the very slight resistance nickel gives when doing bends/vibrato. Stainless removes that and it feels like you're playing on glass, all your bends are buttery smooth and you might even over bend a bit when you first start playing but that gets adjusted rather quickly.

    And thanks drawnacrol! There is a super slight difference in the presence of the guitar I'd say, it's a little more up front but nothing that you would notice without intentionally listening for it. And yeah this cost a few hundred to do, but this is a keeper and I'd rather have gotten it with a material that lasts just as long as my other guitars. And yeah I agree, SS is a great feature especially on MiK instruments, but if you get a guitar with shoddy fretwork and you have to immediately put 3-400 into a brand new guitar, then that sucks. Fretwork is huge, and at the end of the day I'm a player. If I was just collecting guitars then a job like this would definitely be pointless haha.

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