Scotch-Brite pad + back of guitar neck = WOW

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Thread: Scotch-Brite pad + back of guitar neck = WOW

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    Scotch-Brite pad + back of guitar neck = WOW

    This technique may be old news to a lot of you. I've known about it for quite some time as well, but never actually tried it--until a few nights ago.

    The lacquer on the back of my '06 RG1527 is glossy. Not terrible, but not my preference either. I prefer a natural oil or satin finish on my necks. So, I did it: I hit it with an Ultra-Fine grade Scotch-Brite pad and WOW. I absolutely love it now. The neck is so much slicker and faster. Good stuff.

    Anyone else done this? I thought I'd try it as a fast/conservative measure before attempting to completely sand the neck down and use Tru-Oil.

    Now, what I'm curious to see is how this holds up over the long term. I'm wondering if, after a few months or years, I'll have to "re-satin" it again. I imagine the constant drag of my thumb will naturally rub some of the lacquer back to a gloss.
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    My experience is that it will get buffed back to a gloss in a few days. Then it's just as sticky as before, but now has scratches in it, that trap grime and are difficult to clean. My skin buffs out everything. I eventually re-finished the neck of that guitar with a product very similar to Tru-Oil and that's getting shiny as well. Thankfully, at a much slower rate.

    I don't agree with the whole satin = faster thing, but YMMV with technique and different types of skin.

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