New dumpster power amp day - how to wire this to a cab?

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Thread: New dumpster power amp day - how to wire this to a cab?

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    New dumpster power amp day - how to wire this to a cab?

    So I literally found this Crown XLS 402 power amp next to a dumpster yesterday. No idea if it works, but it does power up. The only use for it I can find with my current gear is to run my POD HD desktop into it. However, it has XLR inputs, two bare wire outputs, and 1 Speakon output.

    So how should I run this into my Mesa 412 (8ohms mono - 4ohms stereo)? Do I just split a speaker cable and bare wire it to the Crown? If so, do I run one or two cables? Or should I just get a TSR to Speakon cable? Musician's Gear Speakon to 1/4" Speaker Cable - 14-Gauge | Musician's Friend

    Or just throw it back in the dumpster?

    The amp has these specs:

    4-ohm Stereo (Per Channel): 450W
    8-ohm Stereo (Per Channel): 300W
    8-ohm Bridged-Mono: 900W

    Sorry for all the questions. I never messed with a rack power amp before and this one doesn't really seem like it was meant for guitar applications. Thanks guys

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    A TRS->Speakon cable should do the job fine if the amp is still working.

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