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Thread: I'm building a Explorer/Flying V hybrid with Gotoh Floyd!

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    Good stuff, Rocka so this must be the build you told me about.

    This really makes me want to start on my build. I've got hunks of sapele and ebony just waiting to get used. Still need a proper jointer. My other one broke on me, sadly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    So you found a local luthier where you can do the work? Because as I know it, you lack the tools and skills required for such an ambitious job.

    stop being a cunt. let people do and enjoy things. worst case scenario here is that he builds a crappy guitar that he learned a bunch of stuff while building. best case, he had a super fun time making a usable guitar.

    go for a walk or something.

    keep on killing it, rocka.

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    Looking good man! I wish I had the time/workspace to try and build a guitar from near scratch like this! Also interested to see how you get on with the finishing!

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    I'm looking forward to seeing the results, Rocka -

    It's looking good so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    The neck pocket is tight as shit and I can basically lift the whole guitar even before I've glued it! (yes I will use proper Titebond wood glue for this... not superglue, sorry)
    Are you getting soft with Age???

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    This is the most composed guitar job any of us have seen you do. Whoever kidnapped Rocka and took over his account needs to let him go before we send Liam Neeson in.

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    Yeah, this is weird. It's so... normal.
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    Yes Rocka! Can't wait to see your speed metal, poser killing Explorer finished!
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