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Thread: Patience...picstory of my latest build

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    Patience...picstory of my latest build

    The cherry guitar was the first time I had done a hard clear coat, and I was so happy with the result, I decided it was time to use the maple that has been patiently waiting for a couple of years to become a guitar. Thus, she be named Patience.

    And so it begins with a gathering of materials: maple and mahogany for the body; ebony and maple for the fingerboard and neck, respectively.

    The body blanks are planed on one face, one edge jointed, then edge glued.

    ...body blanks are glued together...

    ...then planed to thickness.

    The body paper template is applied using double-sided tape...

    ...and cut out the shape.

    Since the glue clamps are empty, I decide to get working on the neck. Starting with a rough, flat sawn piece of maple...

    ...the rough sawn is planed, cut in half, each piece is rotated 90 degrees, and planed again...


    ...and then thickness planed.

    The 10 degree head angle is cut...

    ...and truss rod channel routed...

    ...and adjustment end is chiseled out.

    On to the fingerboard, starting with a rough sawn piece of ebony... was planed to get one face flat, one edge was jointed then re-sawn into 1/4" thick pieces, then glued to the neck.

    The head and fingerboard templates are applied using double-sided tape and the tuner holes are drilled, head shape and fingerboard width are rough cut.

    The fingerboard is radiused...

    ...fret slots are cut..

    ...the neck is sanded to final width and frets are cut to approximate length.

    Getting back to the body, here is how I set up to route the neck pocket..

    ...and drill the hole for the neck pickup wire. The level is only for reference to keep the bit straight and level.

    Neck pocket completed.

    The neck pocket edge line is traced onto the neck, cut the back of the neck to thickness and start rough shaping...

    ...and final shaping / sanding.

    Getting back to the body....back....the edge is rounded.

    ...and the top contour levels are routed.

    A whole lot of chiseling, rasping, scraping and sanding later and the top is done.
    ...picture not taken!!! D'oh!

    The neck pocket is taped off so any glue squeeze out will be easier to clean...

    ...and the neck is glued.

    Good ol' twine is used to align and locate the bridge.

    The frets are marked with a.....marker.....(duh). This will show high/low spots when doing the level sanding. Note to self: use a black marker next time so when you accidentaly go off the fret, it blends better with the fingerboard!

    My high-tech fret leveling system (a straight edge piece of maple with sandpaper adhered with....double-sided tape of course!.

    Hopefully you'll be able to see how the marker indicated the high/low areas of the frets...

    Holes are drilled for the string-through, bridge screws, volume pot and switch...

    ...then the control cavity is drawn....

    ...and routed.

    The pickup cavities are routed.

    Back is contoured.

    An now...the finishing begins....although the finishing takes seemingly as long as the beginning. The neck is taped off and the entire body is sanding with 320 grit, wiped down with naptha...

    ...and the first coat of red stain is applied.

    Then, it is sanded off! The red will help enhance the grain.....or so I've read.

    The first coat of amber is applied...

    ...and then, logically, the second coat is applied.

    Seeing as how this guitar is named patience, you will have to be patient, and wait for more pictures early next week!

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    That top is fantastic! Great work so far.
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    That is pretty sweet!

    You should bring it to Kevan's next Saturday.
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    Everything on that guitar looks amazing...except the horns (IMO). Kind of disproportionate looking. Could be the angle the pics were taken at though. Love the top though. I've always wanted to build a guitar, but I either have money for tools and supplies, and nowheres to put them, or a place to put them, but no money to buy them

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    That's absolutely gorgeous. Nice work!

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    I never tire of seeing a build documented. Nice work!

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    Look awesome! But I always thought that there is deeper pocket for set in neck.
    Sorry for my English

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    I never tire of seeing a build documented. Nice work!

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