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Thread: Advice would be welcome...

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    Advice would be welcome...

    Hi fellow brothers of Metal. I'm new on this forum, and would like to seek some advice with a small problem I have.

    I often get pains in both my left and right wrists upon playing long guitar sessions, and it seems to be worse then most people endure. Also, my downpicking endurance is less then spectacular, and in general my right wrist cant take much Chug. Any advice on how to go about alleviating this situation?

    Cheers, Metal Up Ya Ass

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    Could be how you're positioning your wrists. Is there any way you could post a vid of yourself playing?
    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

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    How long have you been playing guitar? If your just starting out then it's important to warm up thoroughly before playing for a long period of time or playing anything challenging. Try to stay as relaxed as possible and don't wear your strap too low. Repetitive stress injury's are no fun so be careful.

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    raise your guitar up a bit, and stretch before you play. that should help some.

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    on the downpicking thing, use a metronome and start slow. 65bpm tops. 16th notes.

    then, try to go for a minute straight, no stopping. if you get off time, speed up or slow down to get back on tempo, just don't stop until your hand can't take it anymore.

    rest for a minute or so, and repeat.

    after you do this for a few weeks, bump up the metronome speed.

    hope this helps.
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    i would suggest starting with some slow songs or just sit and strum watching tv before you start.

    i had a big fucking left wrist issue for years and i even went to the doc, he told me to quit doing the activity that agitated it. i didnt listen, he said ligiment and tendon agitation and injurys take a long time to heal, weeks even.
    then i cut off my right pinky and in the couple months it took to heal after they sewed it back on allowed my wrist time to heal, after that it works like a charm, inaddition to switching to 7 strings, the wider board makes it a little less stressful on the hand.

    every now and then i start to feel the pain, and i pretty much stop immediately and wait till the next day it is usually better, but definatly give it time to heal or it will be a reoccuring problem most likely
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    also, don't be adverse to seeing a doctor. if you are developing CTS, continuing to play guitar could worsen the problem.

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    Yeah, what Leon said - it sounds like you're probably wearing your guitar too low. As cool as you look posturing like Jimmy Page or Keith Richards, if you want to do serious technical playing you pretty much have to wear it higher.
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