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Thread: Page Hamilton's new DVD

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    Page Hamilton's new DVD

    So Page now has an instructional DVD. It's probably got all this Drop-D and Drop-C tuned stuff, lots of sections of start-stop riffing, also probably only shows how to play "Unsung" and some stuff off of "Betty"..... Right?

    Fixed Link

    Nice ESP strat he's got in that vid.

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    Is that link supposed to do something?
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    It was. But I'm guessing they are now blocking hotlinks to that vid. So I just put up another link where you can see it.

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    That video does look cool. Page Hamilton is a pretty unusual player. I dig his style a lot.

    That strat does rule.

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    I'm gonna have to buy this.
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    Judging by the video on the link, he's gonna delve into his jazz chops. For those that don't know, he does have a jazz music degree from college.

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    Nice. I've always liked Page Hamilton. His sig guitar is nice too. I actually enjoyed playing one at a local music store recently, sounded great and felt comfortable.

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    Great, another one for the shopping list!

    Looks really interesting, and on top of that, this thread has inspired me to check out Helmet again!
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